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Performance fixes, Bug fixes and fun Hacks to play with!

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This mod fixes multiple performance issues including AMD SMT usage. It also fixes some bugs such as AVX crashes and adds fun hacks to play with (enabling the Debug menus for example).

If you are GPU bound you will not see any performance increase on your average FPS but you should see less FPS drops.

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Install/Troubleshoot wiki
Console wiki

Currently fixed
  • Spectre mitigation (both AMD and Intel benefit from this)
  • AVX crash (up to 1.04 )
  • Virtual input ( up to 1.04 )
  • PoolCPU & PoolGPU allocation ( up to 1.04 )
  • Can disable async compute (this option is not active by default)
  • Can disable antialiasing - TAA (this option is not active by default)

Cool additions

  • Unlock the debug menu in the main menu so you can play around with whatever you want ;)
  • Skip start menu
  • Remove pedestrians and traffic
  • Console (press ~ key to open), if it doesn't show but you see the cursor, another overlay is causing the issue (for me it's RivaTuner)
  • The entire scripting API is now exposed and we provide ways to run Lua mods.

This mod does a lot of different things! Please edit <cyberpunk install path>/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/config.json

to match your needs, everything is customizable. All the configuration options are explained in the wiki!

Windows 7 is now supported.