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Ex-Arasaka Assassin turned Solo. He choses when to draw his blade now. If only for a limited time..

This is a Modded Character Preset made just for fun. Character plays to speed and blades but can also use pistols well. I recommend using Cyber Engine Tweaks and checking his attributes to see all the Ghost can do.

Permissions and credits
    1. Paste saved games zip file where all you or saved games are.
    2. Rename the save first if you already have a saved game file with the same Manual Save number. 
90% of the game completed. One story mission left and that is the point of no return. 
  • Tons of weapons and gear. some of it is in the stash but most of it is in the car trunks. 
  • 1151 Armor, 924 Health, 218 Stamina but can be significantly increased with other armor if you choose to equip them
  • Thanks  to his klepted and jailbroken Arasaka tech, Ghost can use Trajectory Analysis and Smart Link at the same time if you equip the powergrip cyberware and set the "HasSmartlink" to "1" in console..allowing him to make full use of his smart pistol and power pistol without swapping mods or cyberware.
  • 500000+ Eddies to spend, Level 50 Street Cred 50
  • He has the lastest and greatest Quickhacking OS available but he prefers to use Sand MK5 (no points in breach protocol and barely any in quickhacks but he is level 20 in the attribute. 
  • Ghost is like a ghostrunner..move fast and kill stuff and you should live..stop for a moment and you might get zeroed..Second Heart is equipped though!
  • Tons of clothes for those who want to play cyberfashion 2077..just check the stash and his car trunks. 
  • I highly recommend Cyber Engine Tweaks to adjust Ghosts stats to your preference..he is super strong now but can be defeated if careless.
  • [*]Ghost can do a lot, I recommend typing Game.PrintAttributes() into the console to check it all out. Enjoy!