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Modifies every part of the damage system and some other elements to give gangs and corps more flavour and uniqueness. Also get benefits and penalties against gangs/corps based on your lifepath. Highly configurable!

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I got the idea for this mod when I saw another mod that removes the Tyger Claws' smart gun jammer... I thought: "that's the opposite of what I want!" I wanted more uniqueness to the gangs, and reasons to change up your playstyle. So I found every aspect of the combat system that I could figure out how to tweak, and then made it easily configurable for each gang/corp. I tried to make the changes thematic with the lore of each group. The idea is to make you change your playstyle occasionally. So the Animals are immune to grapple (no choking), and also resistant to non-melee weapons. That means you have to get up close and fight with melee, which should be fun!

This mod makes the game harder, but you probably won't even notice the extra difficulty if playing otherwise unmodded. I recommend to use at least the level scaling part from my other mod (linked at top) to make the game basically challenging, and then adding this mod to make it more interesting. There are a lot of changes in this mod... please read the complete description!

Here is the list of changes for each gang/corp, followed by lifepath bonuses:


  • Firewall: Immune to control hacks
  • Massive: Cannot be grappled (may replace with related ability in the future - you can turn it back on in the config if you want)
  • Pain Editors: Immune to Electrocution
  • Ultratestosterone: Immune to Poison
  • Combat Drug Injectors: Resistant to non-melee damage (0.5x)
  • Implanted Muscles: Ignore 25% of player armor

  • Firewall: Immune to covert hacks
  • ICE: +1 upload time, +1 RAM cost
  • Cyberoptics: enhanced detection (1.5x)
  • Pain Editors: Immune to Burning
  • Mostly Chrome: Immune to Bleeding
  • Chrome Dome: Resistant to Headshots (0.5x)
  • Subdermal Body Plating: Resistant to Assault weapons (0.5x)

  • ICE: +1 upload time
  • Pain Editors: Immune to Electrocution
  • Health Monitors: One shot protection (max 80% of full health in one shot)
  • Kerenzikov: Smartbullet Evasion (50% miss prob)
  • Spare Parts: Resistant to Hack damage (0.5x)

Sixth Street
  • Firewall: Immune to damage hacks
  • ICE: +2 upload time, +1 RAM cost
  • Pain Editors: Resistant to Blunt and Annihilation damage (0.5x)
  • Health Monitors: One shot protection (max 80% of full health in one shot)
  • Ballistic Counter Measures: Resistant to Power weapons (0.5x), vulnerable to Ricochet (2x)

Tyger Claws
  • Firewall: Immune to ultimate hacks
  • ICE: +1 upload time, +2 RAM cost
  • ECM: Smartgun jammer (80% miss prob)
  • Pain Editors: Immune to Burning, resistant to Grenade damage (0.5x)

  • Reflex Boosters: Resistant to Critical Hits (0.25x)
  • Armor Piercing Rounds: Ignore 50% of player armor
  • Projected Simulacrum: Immune to Homing Grenades
  • Synth-adrenaline: Immune to Bleeding
  • Polarized skin plating: Resistant to Tech damage (0.5x)

Voodoo Boys
  • Firewall: Immune to ultimate hacks
  • ICE: +2 upload time, +4 RAM cost
  • Bullet Hacking: Resistant to Smart weapon damage (0.5x)
  • Backup Processor: Resistant to Hack damage (0.5x)

  • Firewall: Immune to covert hacks
  • ICE: +1 RAM cost
  • Pain Editors: Resistant to Melee Attacks (0.5x)
  • Military-grade Cochlear Implants: Resistant to Stealth damage (0.25x)
  • Kiroshi Mk 2: enhanced detection (1.2x)
  • Corp-poisoned Water: Immune to Poison


  • Firewall: Immune to ultimate hacks
  • ICE: +1 upload time, +2 RAM cost
  • Life Extending Circuits: Resistant to Critical Hits (0.5x)
  • Neuro Backup: One shot protection (max 80% of full health in one shot)
  • Cochlear Implants: Resistant to Stealth damage (0.25x)

  • Firewall: Immune to control hacks
  • ICE: +1 upload time
  • Nano Med Bots: Immune to Bleeding and Poison
  • Bullet-ejecting Armor Plating: Resistant to Power weapons (0.5x)

Kang Tao
  • Firewall: Immune to covert hacks
  • ICE: +1 RAM cost
  • ECM: Smartgun jammer (80% miss prob)
  • Automated Internal Fire Suppression: Immune to Burning
  • Projected Simulacrum: Immune to Homing Grenades

  • Firewall: Immune to damage hacks
  • ICE: +2 upload time, +1 RAM cost
  • Advanced Armor: Immune to Electrocution
  • Reinforced Helmets: Resistant to Headshots (0.25x)
  • Tech Nullifying Weave: Resistant to Tech damage (0.5x)

  • Status Effects / Elemental Damage: There is a difference between a status effect (e.g. Poison) and a damage type (e.g. Chemical). Poison causes chemical damage, so if an enemy is resistant to that they take less damage from poison. In this mod enemies can be immune to acquiring status effects, but I haven't altered resistances at all. Chemical damage from weapons is not affected by Poison immunity.
  • Smart Gun Jammers: Tyger Claws have a natural Smartgun jammer, which jams 80% of bullets (though if you're really close they don't get jammed). In the unmodded game only like 2/3 of the Tyger Claws have this property. The game has rarities of enemies, including "Normal", "Weak", "Rare", "Boss" etc. in each encounter, with most being normal. It modifies health, DPS, etc. I didn't want to give different properties based on rarity because it's too many options. So, in this mod all Tyger Claws have the smartgun jammer, rather than just most of them.
  • Quick Hack Immunities:: These hacks will show up in the hack list if you have them equipped but will be unavailable, with the message "Target not hackable".
  • One Shot Protection:: This is something the player always has, and now the enemies can have it too! It should make those people unable to be killed with a single attack.
  • Multipliers on bonus damage:: For things like critical hits, ricochet, stealth bonus, etc. the multiplier is on the EXTRA damage, not the base damage.
  • Detection Multiplier:: This affects the speed of the detection icon filling up, i.e. how fast the enemy spots you. I haven't timed it to determine if the speed is linearly related to this multiplier, I don't know what the formula is.

Lifepath Bonuses

The idea here is to have a list of gangs/corps that are "familiar" to you depending on your lifepath, with the others considered "opposed" to you. Then you get bonuses and penalties to those groups. The changes are symmetrical. I didn't want to give Corp lifepath bonuses to Netrunning or something like that just because I think that's a corp-like playstyle. Generally the idea is that fighting people you know is easier for you and them, and you get very little Street Cred for killing them because it hurts your reputation with your people (Even a Nomad killing Wraiths... that guy might be your fellow friendly Nomad's brother!). Also, you get more money from familiar groups because you know what's valuable when searching them.

Note: most enemies don't give you money for killing them in the base game. With the new vendor stock in patch 1.2 I thought having some more money would be nice. You can easily turn it off in the config file.

Corp familiar: Arasaka, Biotechnica, KangTao, Militech, Unaffiliated Corpo
Nomad familiar: Aldecaldos, Sixth Street, South California, Wraiths (I know you can fight Aldecaldos in Pacifica... South California I'm not sure :) )
Street Kid familiar: The Mox, Tyger Claws, Valentinos, Scavengers (I know you can't fight the Mox :) )

Effects when fighting Familiar groups:
  • Damage to NPC: 1.2x
  • Damage to Player: 1.2x
  • Detection Multiplier: 0.8x
  • Upload Time: -0.5
  • Ram Cost: -1.0
  • Money Reward per level: 5
  • Street Cred Multiplier: 0.25x

Effects when fighting Opposed groups:
  • Damage to NPC: 0.8x
  • Damage to Player: 1.0x
  • Upload Time: +1.0
  • Ram Cost: +1.0
  • Money Reward per level: 2
  • Street Cred Multiplier: 1.5x

Bonus Effects!

All can be configured in r6/scripts/lifepath_bonuses_and_gang_corp_traits/config_extra_features.reds
1. Armor Fix: This makes armor work against melee weapons, and fixes armor's effect for some other weapons (shotguns and turrets are effected too much by armor in the unmodded game)
2. Scale Quick Hack upload time by distance: Enemy netrunners have their hack upload time scaled by an exponential amount based on distance. Players can have this feature too! It encourages you to get closer. Can be disabled, and the base of the exponent can be changed (default 1.02).
3. Fix for ICEPick Daemon: In the game normally, using that daemon reduces RAM costs by 2 instead of 1 like it's supposed to. If you have ONE of the Total Recall or Totaler Recall perks, you also have a reduction of 2 (so no change), and if you have both perks you get the correct -3. With this mod, you now get -1 with no perks, -2 with one of the perks, and -3 with both.


  • IMPORTANT: This mod depends on redscript. Download and install that first!
  • To install this mod, extract the zip file into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder (the mod files go to "Cyberpunk 2077/r6/scripts").


Armor/Melee Attacks: This mod will override my other Armor Fix for All Weapons mod if you don't change any file names (redscript processes the files alphabetically, and the last one counts), so if you're using both there will be no problem (but you should just remove the other one anyway). This mod contains the same functionality.

Vehicle Security Rework: This mod apparently causes the NPC bonuses/affects to not show up in the scanner details.


Everything can easily be configured in the three config files provided. It's code, but it should be very straightforward. If a property isn't set, then the listed default is used. The mod consist of multiple files in a folder at "r6/scripts/lifepath_bonuses_and_gang_corp_traits". The three files that start with "config_" are the ones to modify.

Feedback and Future Changes

Please let me know in the comments if you have any ideas for other things we could be modifying. Maybe I tried and found it was impossible to change (still haven't found where to do hack duration and cooldown, for instance), or maybe it's something I haven't thought of.

Enemy AI is an obvious place to do more work here, but it's very complicated and I haven't looked into it very much, so that will be a while. It's probably possible to change the frequency of certain behaviours to make certain gangs more aggressive/defensive, rushing at you / taking cover, etc. It would not be easy at all to rewrite the AI.

If you find anything that isn't working right, or a crash(!), please make a bug report and include a link to a save file where the issue can be easily tested if you can.

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