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Auto Limit ON --|-............
Reduced Limit of;: Ammo, Grenades, Medic and Buffs (foods)--|-...........
No MORE 99 items !!! --| ............
Carrycapacity set 80
--- Update 1.5 ---

Permissions and credits
AMMO Auto Limit On  / ( WIP - new alternate Mods Soon! )

Auto Limit On is a mod that smartly caps inventory weight and maximum amount of
ammunition, grenades and healing items that V is allowed to carry at once.

Instead of simply blocking any new pickups above the carry limit, the mod
allows it and automatically dismantles any surplus items into craftable
resources out of which new items can be created outside of active
combat. In doing so, it prevents resource waste and healing items spam
and encourages deeper tactical gameplay, resource management and crafting.

The mod also limits carry weight to 80kg to prevent V from
carrying an entire armoury worth of guns in his trouser pockets and
instead encourage thinking and choices.
WIP Starting Game with 40, 60, 80 + in total Ahletics 20 level;  64, 60, 52 kg
Reduce Perk Mule by half (60 to 30kg)

Healing Cap
Healing in CP2077 has no limits or consequence, allowing near-infinite pockets and non-stop spam. The mod prevents that.

All MaxDocs (MD) get automatically converted to BounceBacks (BB). 
BounceBack is limited to 5 per tier; anything above 5 will auto convert to higher tier, like so:

MDv1 = 2 use only in Combat AUTO healing
MDv2 = 2
MDv3 = 0
MDv3 x2   > 0 = BBv1   = BBv2        (FIX CONVERT to BBv2 ) (infinite BB1 LOOP)

BBv1 use only out of Combat (food)  (5%HP  2min healing by 1pts)

BBv1 > 5 = BBv2   free to use
BBv2 > 5 = BBv3   free to use
BBv3 > 5 = resources   or  MDv1,   3x BBv3 convert 2 resourcec and 1 MD

Following above rules, V can carry a maximum of 0 MaxDocs, 5 BBv1, 5 BBv2 and 5 BBv3 at any given time.

Ammo Cap
Pistol            79  (+/- 7)
LMG            191  (+/- 16)
Shotgun      36    (+/- 6)
Sniper         21    (+/- 4)

WIP allow set Max Amounts of Ammo


- The files need to go into CET's mod folder.

- The mod can be installed and unintalled without issues at any point,
however it is advised to stash all ammo and consumables from your person
before installing the mod, in order to avoid having all of the surplus
items auto-converted to crafting resources.

In the downloaded archive an optional folder can be found that imposes cooldown limits on health items spamming.

Credits go to:

Scissors123454321rmk1234  and  sensei27

Thanks to:
awpsoleet - CET
jac3km4 - redscript
Project RED - Game CyberPunk 2077