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All Special Outfits Scripts for use with the Cyber Engine Tweaks Mod with revised install instructions. Grants special outfit sets to any player.

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Special Outfits Scripts for Cyberpunk 2077
by hip63

(v1.2 Update includes New MaxTac Special Outfit Set addition)

To use these script you MUST  have the latest version of Cyber Engine Tweaks mod properly installed.

All of the included .lua files typically need to go in the folder location of:

cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\scripts
(This location should already contain the autoexec.lua file for Cyber Engine Tweaks)

After another Cyber Engine Update (Jan 5, 2021) it appears using the scripts folder is NOT working for me any more so I can only assume that this location will not work for others. Currently the location of cyber_engine_tweaks\mods is working for me (again).
So basically put the .lua files where they work for you. For many people (as is the case with me for now) the cyber_engine_tweaks\mods works, others have reported having to put .lua file in x64 folder, the game's root folder and the scripts folder that was working for me on the previous version. So yeah, the scripts themselves are fine once you find the location that works for you. 


Using the Cyber Engine Tweaks console in game (accessed with the tilde ~ key) you need to enter the proper code for which Special Outfit set you would like to spawn into inventory.

An example for getting the full Nomad Special Outfit, enter the following into the console: 


Then press "Enter" to execute the script and all the items for the Nomad Special Outfit will be placed into your character's inventory.

Here's the command list of the various outfits:
(FYI - you can use copy/paste hotkeys with the console)

dofile("badge.lua")               - Adds Police Special Outfit to inventory
dofile("corpo.lua")                - Adds Corpo Special Outfit to inventory
dofile("fixer.lua")                    - Adds Fixer Special Outfit to inventory
dofile("maxtac.lua")          - Adds MaxTac Special Outfit to inventory
dofile("media.lua")               - Adds Media Special Outfit to inventory
dofile("netrunner.lua")  - Adds NetRunner Special Outfit to inventory
dofile("nomad.lua")           - Adds Nomad Special Outfit to inventory
dofile("rocker.lua")             - Adds Rocker Special Outfit to inventory
dofile("solo.lua")                     - Adds Solo Special Outfit to inventory
dofile("techie.lua")              - Adds Techie Special Outfit to inventory
dofile("alloutfits.lua")              - Adds all Special Outfits to inventory

You can see previews of the some of the outfit sets here: