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Replace the Golden Machete on Valentino's Holster by the regular machete we Have in-game.

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It all started when i had the brilliant idea to do this. As i lacked the skills to do it myself and looked like a chimp tryng to repair a ferrari i asked the community for help.

After a long effort me banging my head, Island_Dancer trying it's best to help poor old me, иᶦო came to the solution and this is the result.

To add it in game open Cyber engine and type:


Also, as bonus, for male V and Third person player, (which doesn't show glasses and masks) i've included a simple mesh that replaces GOG witcher dlc shirt, with a plain black shirt and this holster.) (have a minor side effect of adding a holsterless machete to other tshirts (V favorite's shirt and possible other tshirt meshes.). this is kind of beta, i may try to learn how to mess with ent files and add it to V fav pants or something of the sorts.


Little edit:

added two files with the golden leg strap that valentinos originally have, will clip trough some some pants.

Edit 2:

Second mesh up, this time powered by nim dark arts:
Johnny Tank top, Bullet to the Brain necklace, Machete and legstrap.

Game.AddToInventory("Items.Shirt_02_basic_01", 1)


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