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20.16 Mankind Divided (RadioExt) Tunes from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Game Soundtrack - Updated for Patch 1.62 as the Icon wasn't showing up... should be fixed now

Permissions and credits
20.16 Mankind Divided - Custom Radio Station With Icon

Tunes from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Game Soundtrack

Requires RadioEXT and Cyber Engine Tweaks

Track Listing

Ed Harrison - Breaching the Veil
Ed Harrison - Rippers
Ed Harrison - Tarvos Revelation
Ed Harrison - Versalife
Michael McCann - Dark Days
Michael McCann - E3 2015 Trailer
Michael McCann - Embrace What You Have Become Trailer
Michael McCann - Opening Credits
Michael McCann - Palisade Bank
Michael McCann - Sandstorm
Michael McCann - Sewers
Michael McCann - TF29
Michael McCann - Tensions Rising
Michael McCann - The Machine God
Michael McCann - The UTULEK Complex- Golem City
Sonic Mayhem - 101 Trailer
Sonic Mayhem - Adam Jensen 2.0 Trailer
Sonic Mayhem - Apex Towers
Sonic Mayhem - Battle for the Future
Sonic Mayhem - Distorted Reality
Sonic Mayhem - Dr. Koller
Sonic Mayhem - G.A.R.M.
Sonic Mayhem - Janus
Sonic Mayhem - Main Menu Theme
Sonic Mayhem - Martial Law
Sonic Mayhem - Prague
Sonic Mayhem - Safehouse
Sonic Mayhem - The Mechanical Apartheid Trailer
Sonic Mayhem - The Orchid

Please Note
Due to Copyright reasons there isn't any music included so it's up to you to acquire them yourself
(There must be a minimun of 3 songs for the mod to appear in the in-game Radio Station list)

mp3 install path
Cybeprunk2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\radioExt\radios\Deus Ex 2