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Made for Cyber Engine Tweaks Mod creation. This library includes many utilities and custom ImGui widgets, and a custom color scheme matching Cyberpunk 2077 UI.

Permissions and credits

This is a required dependency for many CET mods.

What is this
Made for easy Cyber Engine Tweaks Mod GUI creation.
Documentation for mod developers:

To mod users
Install this like how you install normal CET mods.

To mod developers
If you are still using the library version of CPStyling, please consider updating to this version, for the library version will no longer be updated.
Don't forget to include this mod in your mod requirements list.

Why converting to a separate mod?
1. Because instead of each mod loading its own copy of CPStyling, they only need to require the same copy from now on. This should improve the ram usage.
2. I'm planning on adding a theme management/editing system in the future.
3. It will give me a better idea of how many mods are using this library.

How to update from version v1.1.x?
You only need to replace a few " . " into " : "
Please read the changelogs for more information.

I need help updating/implementing CPStyling.
Contact me on the CP77 Modding Community discord server. My Id is Ming.

Mods (that I know of) currently using CPStyling: