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40% faster path tracing, stutter fixes, and more LODs. Hola. Yes, I don't just work with Unreal Engine games (apparently). 100% of donations go to Wildlife Society for all my mods.

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VRAM / FPS bug in CP2.1 vanilla game for ≤12GB vram

Since v1.9.9+ of Ultra+:
  • The vram bug in the vanilla release of CP 2.1 seems to be fixed (see sticky Post for more info)
  • Path tracing disocclusion (edge) noise, boiling noise, and smearing are almost completely eliminated in both the PT20 and PT21 versions of the mod. I will update RT+PT soon
  • I've removed the Fixes_Only.ini from the mod for now because a) Ultra+ doesn't conflict with other mods, and b) the difference is so big from vanilla I really want you to try the whole mod
x Sammi 😊

About Ultra+

Ultra+ has 3 goals:

  • Fix engine bugs (stutters, crashes, etc.)
  • Significantly improve performance
  • Significantly improve visuals
This is the CP version of the mod from the series: Hogwarts LegacyRoboCop: Rogue City,  and Jedi Survivor. It started with me trying to play these games and getting annoyed with performance issues, and with areas visuals could have been improved but weren't.

They are not like ini / engine mod you've used before, and require in-depth knowledge of game engines. I often put engines into modes the devs haven't enabled or possibly don't know about.

What it does specifically

  • *NEW* Improves path tracing performance by 40-50% (PT20 Fast vs. vanilla CP 2.0 or 2.1)
  • *NEW* Almost completely fixes edge-noise (disocclusion noise) especially on skin and hair
  • Enables path tracing with normal raytracing (a higher quality RT mode, with all the benefits and no downsides of both RT and PT), at a cost of only a few FPS
  • Improves visual accuracy of path tracing in most situations
  • Improves object pop-in (streaming) in most situations
  • Fixes crushed blacks by expanding lower histogram
  • *NEW*  Fixes stutters, crashes, and out of vram problems with the vanilla game on ≤12GB cards
  • Fixes frame timing
  • *NEW* Enables colour integration of particles into path tracing, so smoke, steam, sparks, electricity, are influenced by the scene and light the PT scene  
  • Increase LOD bias to improve the look of DLSS/FSR (set "Allow negative LODs" in your GPU control panel — Insane, 16GB and 24GB ini files only)
  • Enables ambient occlusion on eyeballs 🤷‍♀️
  • *NEW* Reworks hair in path tracing so it looks more realistic in full sun, indoor lit and unlit areas, etc.
  • Adjusts skin for path tracing and ray tracing with (RT and RT+PT only)
  • Reduces Fresnel (reflections at an angle like on wet grass) on weapons, plants, skin for path tracing (RT and RT+PT only)
  • Fixes bright/white transparent materials (glasses/bottles/cabinets/windows) around the place with PT enabled
  • Increases shadow details everywhere for raytracing and non-raytracing
  • The RT + PT version may enable path tracing on some 2000 series cards 

"This is seriously black magic, I just popped the ones I wanted in and now my game runs with no stutters and it has path tracing???? I lost like 5-8 FPS but now it looks amazing and runs amazing??? 
Wish more people could see this like front row and center, this should just ship with the game."

— rowdyydave

"Insanely clean and beautiful visuals with a legit performance improvement!? This mod is pure magic. Thank you, sammilucia."
— WahWahWahh

"Umm... something happened to my game...
It's actually looking like I expected the game to look when I bought it. 😄"

— theCyanideX

What's it look like?

Ultra+ RTPT v1.3 (a lot of bugs fixed since then). Thank you to Krush SG 😊

Ultra+ v1.1.2. Thank you to Bang4BuckPC Gamer 😊

Comparison shots

A huge thank you to HenryPDT for doing these! ❤️(these are older versions of Ultra+ now, but that's my fault! 😊)

Which VERSION should I choose, choom?

Which TYPE should I choose?

"As fast as possible while still looking good" — Fast is Is as fast as I can make the game. Often 30-40% faster than vanilla. Fast versions are a combination of changes and tweaks to the engine (in the case of CP, frame timing, memory, and modifications to PT and RT) and carefully selected visual changes

Full (being renamed to "Normal")
"The full mod. The perfect balance between performance and visual quality" — Any performance gains I make, I usually put towards quality, so I target "about the same" performance as vanilla, with significant visual improvements.

"Give me more visuals, but respect FPS!" — Generally targeted at 3080+ and 7800+ series cards. I push visuals as high as possible without hurting FPS unnecessarily. Great for people who have powerful GPUs and want the best visuals but still good FPS.

"DO IT 😎" — Push visuals as high as possible, FPS is secondary. I want to see what this engine can do!


  • Choose a type — PT20 ... PT21 ... RT only ... RT+PT ... (see the chart above)
  • Copy your GPU vram — Copy the INI to Cyberpunk 2077\engine\config\platform\pc\ — This configures vram and frame timing for more reliable/smoother streaming
  • Copy one Ultra+ type (see list above) — Copy the INI to Cyberpunk 2077\engine\config\platform\pc\
  • Make sure there are no old versions of Ultra+ ini files — You should now have one GPU ini and one Ultra+ ini
  • (Recommended but not required) copy Ultra+ Control to Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x86\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\
  • If you are using GITS and are not on a 4090 — I strongly recommend giving priority to Ultra+ for better performance. By default the Ultra+ ini starts with a tilde (~) and will take priority
  • (Optional) use DLSSTweaks and the ini provided with Ultra+ mod to switch DLSS to Preset A for path tracing, it reduces the noise quite significantly. NOTE: This is far less important since v1.9.9 of Ultra+ but still helps
  • Ensure "Allow negative LOD bias" is enabled in your GPU settings
  • See the sticky Post for the latest errata, fixes, and notes, especially if you have <=12GB vram
  • Cake time! 😊

NOTE: Be aware that mods like Adaptive Graphics Quality, More Graphics Options, Developer Tools, and Developer Extras can force-override important settings and will break things if you're not expecting that.

If you have any problems, great wins, let me know in Posts. I don't check bugs nor DMs (if you want to reach me, you'll work out how, you're clever).


  • Delete the ini file
  • Delete Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x86\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\UltraPlus
  • In some cases you may need to rename %LocalAppDataa%\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077\UserSettings.json ... due to a bug in changing raytracing/pathtracing settings via CET, the Cyberpunk's UI can be in a different state than what its actual settings are after using Ultra+ Control. Renaming UserSettings.json will resolve this (and if you have cloud sync enabled CP should re-download the correct settings)

Recommended mods

Here's the quality and immersion mods I use:

If you don't want to use Ultra+ but just want the translucency fix (bottles, windows, cabinets, etc.) you can use the FIXES ONLY version of Ultra+ or No More Milky Glass mod.

Reflections return is not required (it's been included in Ultra+ since 2.1 released)


  • Be careful with LOD and 4k texture mods especially on 4 to 12GB cards.

  • Ultra+ requires very specific settings to work properly and won't work with other PT or RT INI files.

  • Ultra+ increases LOD quality, and using both may hurt performance. sosuine's mods above seem to work well. However on my 8GB Cyberpunk 2077 HD Reworked leads performance degradation over time in CP 2.1. I believe this is due to a memory management issue in CP 2.1, or possibly a conflict between HD Reworked and 2.1 for low-VRAM cards.

  • Several people in Posts have mentioned this works well with Adaptive Pathtracing. This will only affect the PT20 version of Ultra+

My other mods

Hogwarts Legacy
Robocop: Rogue City
Cyberpunk 2077
Star Wars: Jedi Survivor


While this mod is still in development, it's testers in Posts who make it possible. There's just no way I can test such a huge game by myself, so thank you to everyone who gives feedback, with special recognition to:

  • sosuine (author of many mods above)
  • VelvetThundR (with special thanks for so much testing and helping to keep me sane 😂)
  • anoniem1
  • PuffyQuail
  • Crussong
  • AlinSorin
  • BabaBooey88
  • fafalepro
  • purvisdavid1
  • Thortok2000
  • Philemon137
  • hilemon137
  • chester2501
  • Lunxara
  • reptiloid12345
  • Motys
  • exitw0und (also for massive testing and keeping me sane 😂)
  • Obscene911
  • Wonderkik
  • enowai
  • theCyanideX (for listening to my rants and feedback 😊)
  • Forgium
  • Capey216
  • Honesty
  • Anselm09
  • Carlosironman
  • UriahRhone
  • fOakstream
  • danyal6870
  • Knochey (author of Enhanced Weather V4 mod above)
  • hypersfon