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Grapple that pulls you up, or a rope, or a web swing through open spaces

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The three main default grappling hooks are


Pulls you toward the anchor point, also pulls you in the direction you are looking


Lets you swing from high places, or catch yourself mid fall and hang there


Used in open spaces.  Instead of looking at a wall to anchor the grapple to, it uses the current velocity and look direction to select a grapple.  Not as realistic, but it's a lot of fun


I recommend pull in slot 1 (A+W+D), rope in slot 2 (A+S+D), swing in slot 6 (A+D).  The bindings can be changed in the config (see video)

The grapple will end if you look far enough away from the anchor point (also configurable).  Swing stops if you go past a stop plane

You'll be saved from fall damage for a short time after grappling

As you play and use the grappling hook, you gain experience.  That experience can then be used to upgrade your grapple.  Or you could build your own from scratch

It kind of comes down to philosophy of use.  For ultimate freedom of movement, FreeFly is the best

Jetpack gives less freedom (can't clip through walls), but can feel a bit more fun when just playing the game

This grappling hook is even less capable, but by forcing the interaction to be close to objects, it's more visceral, sort of ninja/assassin like.  Grappling hook pairs very well with realism mode of jetpack.  They each know when the other is flying so they don't interfere with each other

Wall Hang could also pair well with the grappling hook.  I tend to ignore wall hang and just use grappling hook, but others may play differently

While not really related to grappling hook, my other flight based mod is
Low Flying V

This will remove the (sepia/gray/desaturated) filter when falling quickly, as well as completely remove fall damage
This is an archive based mod that removes the sepia filter


Before installing this, you will need to have Cyber Engine Tweaks installed

Installing isn't hard, just unzip and copy.  See attached video for details

C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\grappling_hook

------ Don't delete db.sqlite3 ------
This is where your custom grapple setting are stored.  If you delete it, you'll start over with the default grapple settings


Be sure to save often

So far, I haven't gotten a crash since installing CET 1.15, so hopefully the issue is gone or nearly gone


I've gotten help from quite a few people.  Special thanks to psiberx



- Changed unlock requirements.  Used to be 4 emp grenades.  Now it's any grenade and 3 gun mods

(this was because 2.0 changed grenades from stored quantity to regenerating)


- There was a flaw in a cleanup function that broke grappling hook after dying


- Swing now supports look for controller

- Straight grapples now come from crosshair (swing had that, but forgot to also do straight, which was using the older way of adjusting from foot position)

- Increased opacity of minimized config (it was too hard to see with sunny backgrounds)

- Increased xp gain of swing a little


- Added swing

- Now drawing the rope


- Removed dependency on redscript (reworked functions to use cet equivalent calls)

NOTE: the four flight mods talk to each other with a new cet based function, so all need to be updated (grappling hook, jetpack, low flying v, wall hang).  This is so you can chain from one flight mod to another, and only one will control the player at a time

- Increased the max speed cap

- Fixed a bug in unlock screen where emp grenade detection failed if you have more than one rarity in your inventory

- I was just starting to work on web swing when 1.5 dropped and I switched gears to do a pass through all my mods.  But I forgot to remove the option to choose web swing.  So don't pick it, it just calls grapple straight right now, and there's no config


- Now needs to be unlocked before it can be used, which makes it feel a bit like other cyberware, something that must be earned before it can be used.  This will only affect new characters (or if you delete db.sqlite3).  The unlock requirement will also be skipped if you use the xp cheat hotkey

- Removed Air Dash.  If a grapple has it equipped, it will be removed and the spent xp will be refunded

- Added Air Anchor (what I called virtual anchor in my todo list).  If the aim doesn't see a wall, then this will act like an anchor point, but costs more energy to use

- Reduced the energy cost of grappling to about 65% of what it was previously.  Also each increase of energy tank size is 3 per xp instead of 2

- Increased the height of the ray cast from 1.5 to 1.85 (thanks Dravic).  This makes it line up with the crosshair better while looking up.  It seems like the swivel point of the crosshair is different than just directly above the player's feet.  It will take some more investigation to try to match it perfectly


- Fixed for 1.3

- Air Dash is marked as deprecated (no code change to it yet, but the plan is to auto scrap if equipped and refund the xp).  I wanted to get virtual anchors implemented before pushing a new version, but 1.3 forced this release


- Added grapple sounds

- Doubled the xp gain.  Once achievements get implemented (like multiple continuous grapples), the base xp gain will be adjusted back down a bit

- Added hotkey: "Instant XP (cheat)", which adds 3 xp each time you press the key.  RESIST the temptation!

- Some properties can now be set to lower values.  The regular min value is where xp costs start.  When setting the value lower, there is no xp reclaimed.  For the most part, there's no reason to use these low values (like really weak acceleration), but there might be cases for it and the option now exists

Probably not a lot left to do

It would be nice to have an option for explosive landing with web swing

The swing could also use refinement in certain cases