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Improves enemy netrunners by adding a bunch of hacks (most are restored cut content) they can use on the player, and fixing some CDPR bugs that stop netrunners from hacking you some of the time.

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This mod enhances enemy netrunners by adding a bunch of hacks so that they can do more than just Overheat. Some of the new hacks were already in the game and unused, some of them I had to create.

How the unmodded game works:
  • All enemies can use Reveal Position on you to find your location and enter the combat state. Triggered by doing stealth damage hacks against them (there may be a health trigger... I'm not sure of the exact conditions). Seems to be more common after patch 1.3.
  • Netrunners can use Overheat against you to do a burning status effect.

What this mod does:
New Hacks:
  • 10 possible enemy netrunner hacks (5 damage, 4 control, 1 ultimate!) Descriptions below.
  • Each netrunner is given a catalogue of 3 hacks to use (minimum 1 damage and 1 control), chosen randomly with some weighting based on level
  • Netrunners select from their catalogue according to another set of weights, and each hack has a different upload time. Generally better hacks take longer to upload.
Bugs in the unmodded game I found and fixed:
  • [Fixed by CDPR in patch 1.5] If you interrupt a hack by killing or attacking the hacker, or with the Self-ICE cyberware, the "BeingHacked" effect is not removed, meaning you can't be hacked again.
  • [Fixed by CDPR in patch 1.5] Reveal Position just keeps going even if you kill the person hacking you or they find you and go into combat with you.
  • [Fixed by CDPR in patch 1.5] Self-ICE cyberware is spent on a Reveal Position hack but doesn't actually stop the hack.
  • [Mostly fixed by CDPR in patch 1.5] If you save the game while someone is using Reveal Position on you you can get stuck with the stat that keeps track of the hack progress bar set to 100 (behind the scenes - not visible). Then the game thinks you're being hacked all the time and you can't be hacked (checked in a different place than the "BeingHacked" status effect). This can last forever, across saves, reloads, travel, etc. CDPR's fix only removes this condition if the BeingHacked status effect is present on load, but it can be present without the status effect. This mod fully fixes this issue.

Hacks [Type - Name (upload time): description]:
  • Damage - Overheat (5s): low burning damage over time
  • Damage - Burning (7s): high burning damage over time (a netrunner will only have one of Overheat or Burning, never both)
  • Damage - Contagion (6s): moderate poison damage over time
  • Damage - Short Circuit (6s): moderate shock damage over time
  • Damage - Synapse Burnout (7s): does damage equal to 20-35% of max health. Higher damage if the player has lower health. Higher chance that a Netrunner has this at higher levels.
  • Control - Cyberware Malfunction (5s): disables jump cyberware, scanning/hacking, etc.
  • Control - Reboot Optics (3s): flashing blind effect
  • Control - Weapon Glitch (7s): guns are disabled
  • Control - Cripple Movement (6s): very slow movement
  • Ultimate - Imminent System Failure (15): you die (higher chance that a netrunner has this at higher levels) [There is an option in the mod menu to disable this hack]

Complimentary Mods

Check out Amateur Hackers from Scissors, which makes many normal enemies into netrunners. This mod gives them a slightly nerfed version of what full netrunners have. They will have only 2 hacks (no Ultimate hack), and longer upload times.

Also Check out SDO - Scissors Difficulty Options, which has an option that increases the number of netrunners in the game (along with other cool enemy abilities), so you can actually experience this mod more :)


This mod is configured from the "Mods" menu in the main menu. This mod's settings are under the "RMK" or "RMK MODS" tab. This can be done any time, including in the middle of gameplay:

Adjusting Difficulty

By default this mod disables the ability for netrunners to be "interrupted". The game applies this effect for all sorts of reasons that I can't control or see because some of it is in native code that we don't have access to. I find they get interrupted sometimes for no apparent reason, and sometimes when they're damaged and reasonable things like that. I think it's mostly when the AI system changes what action the NPC should do, but they don't actually do anything different most of the time.

If you want to turn that feature back on, use the toggle in the menu pictured above.

Without this feature you can only stop a hack by killing/knocking out an enemy, or applying Cyberware Malfunction. Very dangerous if they use the Imminent System Failure hack on you!

I also added an alternative option, disabled by default, which stops a hack any time the netrunner is damaged. This setting is a much more reasonable version of the "interruption" feature.

Implementation/Development Notes:
  • Overheat, Burning, Cyberware Malfunction, and System Failure were all fully functional as implemented by CDPR.
  • Weapon Glitch, Cripple Movement, and Short Circuit were implemented as AI Hacks, but with non-functional status effects attached to them. Weapon Glitch and Cripple Movement had other status effects that were obviously meant for those effects which I used (and more non-functional versions). For Short Circuit I had to find something close enough so I used an Electrocute status effect that works.
  • Contagion, Reboot Optics, and Synapse Burnout are just hacked together by me. I'm replacing the text by using a localized text key from the associated player quickhacks (so it should display correctly in any language), and I'm using poison and the blind status effects for the first two. Blind is not really the ideal thing for reboot optics. If I find a better effect I'll update it.
  • The motivation for adding Synapse Burnout is that you can be immune to all the other damage dealing status effects pretty easily at higher levels (burning/shock/poison). This hack does pure damage.
  • The original code has a system where if a second netrunner tries to hack you while you're under the effects of a previous hack (which last like 5-7 seconds), it will upgrade the current hack to a higher tier status effect of the same kind instead of starting a new hack. Only Overheat actually has 3 working tiers, and Tier 2 does less damage than Tier 1. Yes, it's actually designed for up to 3 netrunners to hack you at once! The other effects implemented are for Weapon Glitch and Cripple Movement, but all 3 tiers of those are broken. I disabled this feature entirely since it doesn't do anything, so any netrunner can start hacking you again as soon as the previous hack finishes uploading. Overheat Tier 3, by the way, is identical to Burning in damage, though Burning has an extra visual/audio effect of being on fire.


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