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About this mod

This framework mod allows for the easy addition of new radio stations

Permissions and credits

What it does:
- Allows for the easy addition of new radio stations, which can be also played back on physical in-world radios
- No modding tools required, creating new stations is as easy as copy-pasting some songs in the right place (Or even using a web stream as source), and editing a JSON file
- No restrictions when it comes to amount and length of the songs
- Supports the use of custom icons for radio stations
- Compatible with Pocket Radio (Version 1.5+)

- Download and install the latest CET version
- Download and install the latest Red4Ext version
- Download the mod and extract it into your game folder (The one containing /bin and /r6)

Creating custom radio stations:
- Written guide (GitHub)
- Feel free to modify the example station (Optional download) to your liking / use it as a guide
- Custon Icon Guide (More resources and links to other wiki's and tutorials can be found on the GitHub page):

psiberx for Cron.lua, GameUI.lua and GameSettings.lua, Mr. Bohemia for letting me use some of his C++ code and dragonzkiller for C++ help.
Uses FMOD by Firelight Technologies.
Also thanks to eM'aks 788, nora, boe6, vanaukas and BeautiDuwanger for helping a lot with testing the mod.