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Helper tool for modders to sample sound clips that shipped with the game

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This is meant for mod creators.  End users won't enjoy this

This plays audio clips based on their string name (CName).  It's for modders that want to add little bits of sound feedback to their mod

I made a little filter tool to help find sounds

The way I've been using this mod is to have the init.lua file open, try a few sounds

Also have the filter tool open, searching on certain strings

Copy a hundred or so strings into the init.lua function, reload mod

Play them, saving off the ones I like



I'll leave this original note here, but yeah, listening to more than a hundred or so sound clips without a break is exhausting.  It's more efficient to refine the list better

Also note that I tried all 5800 strings yesterday and very few played.  But after restarting the game and trying a few specific ones, they played.  So maybe some strings cause problems?  Or I was going through the list too quickly?  Even though some played in the middle of trying 1000 duds

Feel free to copy bits of this into your own mod

And if people find more strings that work, share them in the comments

I haven't used this Cyberpunk Opuspak Tool, but it looks like it could be really useful to some people

There was also a link to a spreadsheet of sounds in that mod's posts.  I looked at a couple of the strings, and it looks like the json file that DJ_Kovrik pointed me to has the same strings


A few months ago, keanuWheeze (NexusGuy999) shared a version on discord that added a ui.  He said it was ok for me to add as an optional download for this mod

I think for a lot of people, his version will be the preferred, since everything is in one place.  My version has the headache of alt tabbing between the filter app, lua file and game.  There's a natural advantage with mine of having a text editor to build up candidate lists, add comments, move things around

So his is best for easily trying different types of strings.  Mine is better at working through a list of a hundred clips at a time


- Reworked to use CET only (no redscript dependency)