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Helper tool for modders to sample sound clips that shipped with the game

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This is meant for mod creators.  End users won't enjoy this

This plays audio clips based on their string name (CName).  It's for modders that want to add little bits of sound feedback to their mod

It uses redscript, but there may be a way to do it purely in cet (if you have a better way, share in the comments)

I had better luck with the que sound method, but I also may have just played too many clips in a row without calling stop (I implemented stopping logic later)

Also note that I tried all 5800 strings yesterday and very few played.  But after restarting the game and trying a few specific ones, they played.  So maybe some strings cause problems?  Or I was going through the list too quickly?  Even though some played in the middle of trying 1000 duds

Feel free to copy bits of this into your own mod.  Just keep in mind if you are using redscript, name your function something unique so other mods don't interfere with it

And if people find more strings that work, share them in the comments