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24 Posters have been replaced with this latest mod which is Halloween Themed.

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What started out as a personal project at the Peralez Luxury Apartment where I was "renovating" the place with the use of the Decor option in the Appearance Menu Mod, I decided to add posters to the bedroom, the bar area and the hall way leading to the elevator. Don't get me wrong, I like the posters that are in the game but I wanted a more personal touch to them. I decided to try and learn modding and see if I can at least change the textures of the posters to something else. 

Just to reiterate, this is a texture replacement poster mod. Not a standalone poster mod so whatever poster gets replaced, you'll see it throughout the game world. 


Latest version of Cyber Engine Tweaks
Latest version of Appearance Menu Mod


Since seeing a few of the mods on this site are not using Vortex to install mods, I've been installing mods manually and so this mod will be done via manually installing it. Its not that hard. This is version 2 of the mod so back up the previous mod file if you want to keep version 1.0 and the 1.1 update.

1. Download the file. Its a zip.
2. Unzip it using whatever unzipping software you fancy.
3. After the unzipping ceremony, you should have folder called "MovePostersModv1" Double click on it.
4. Right Click on the folder titled "archive" and select copy.
5. Now if you have the Steam version of Cyberpunk, go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077
6. Once you've done step 5, you should see a folder in there titled "archive." Right click anywhere in the open space of the folder and select paste or use CTRL V to paste the modded "archive" folder. If an overwrite window pops up, click yes to overwrite the mod. Then you are done.
7. Load up your game, use the Appearance Menu Mod to spawn the posters and get to decorating. If ya need some help getting started with Appearance Menu Mod, here's a short video on how to use the "Decor" feature of the mod. No commentary, sorry. The list of posters are below.

The List 2.0

Poster Movie 6 - Freddy vs Jason
Poster Movie 7 - Devil
Poster Bushido 3 - Hellraiser
Poster Bushido 5 - Pet Semetary
Poster Bushido 6 - Scream
Poster Bushido 9 - Friday the 13th
Poster Movie 10 - Army of Darkness
Poster Movie 11 - A Nightmare on Elm Street
Poster Movie 8 - Evil Dead
Poster Movie 9 - Evil Dead 2
Poster Movie 12 - Army of the Dead
Poster Movie 13 - Cabin in the Woods
Poster Movie 14 - Halloween
Poster Movie 15 - Lady Death Pin-up
Poster Movie 7 - The Mist
Poster Movie 6 - The Grudge
Poster Movie 5 - The Exorcist
Poster Movie 4 - The Ring
Poster Movie 3 - The Nun
Poster Game 3 - The Conjuring
V's Poster 1 - Vampirella Pin-up
Poster Club - Pyramid Head from Silent Hill Revelation
Poster Club 2 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974
Poster Concert - Dawn of the Dead (Zack Snyder remake)

Added v1.1

Poster Club - The Equalizer
Poster Club 2 - The Equalizer 2
Poster Cyberhub - Oblivion
Poster Dragon - Total Recall
Poster Game 3 - Dune 2021
Poster Lizzy Wizzy - Dune 1984
Poster Movie - District 9
Poster Zona Girl - Alien
Poster 15 - The Matrix
V's Poster 1 - Elysium (Note: No option to change the size of the poster)
V's Poster 2 - Independence Day (Note: No option to change the size of the poster)

The List v1.0

Poster Movie 11 - Man Of Steel
Poster Movie 12 - Batman v Superman
Poster Movie 13 - Zack Snyders Justice League
Poster Movie 5 - Suicide Squad
Poster Movie 6 - James Gunn's Suicide Squad
Poster Movie 9 - Wonder Woman
Poster Movie 10 - Wonder Woman 84
Poster Movie 7 - Aquaman
Poster Movie 3 - Blade Runner
Poster Movie 4 - Blade Runner 2049
Poster Movie 14 - ex Machina
Poster Bushido 5 - Ghost in the Shell
Poster Bushido 3 - Godzilla King of Monsters
Poster Bushido 6 - Cowboy Bepop
Poster Bushido 9 - Pacific Rim
Poster Concert - John Wick
Poster 6 - John Wick Chapter 2
Poster 7 -  John Wick Chapter 3
Poster Game 2 - Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon
Poster Movie 8 -  Kiss of the Dragon
Poster Game - Rumble in the Bronx
Posters Animals - NJPW G1 2018
Posters Animals 2 - NJPW G1 29
Posters Animals 3 - AEW Fyter Fest
Posters Animals 4 - AEW All Out Miro vs Eddie Kingston
Posters Animals 5 -  AEW All Out Full card