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This mod is a collab between my good friend Tiaomototaxi and I, and we're setting out to bring you a new level of customization for your V! What we aim to provide are new armor sets that you can mix and match to achieve the perfect look for our favorite merc. This mod will be updated regularly as we come up with new ideas for pieces and or sets!

Permissions and credits
Read the description or PERISH, choomba!

This mod will be updated regularly as we come up with new ideas, however we will not be taking requests. Modding is a hobby for Tiao and I, as such we want to keep it fun. 

This just in: NCPD Undercover! 

This set is Female only, it was just an idea I had while messing around with some files. This set includes two pant options, Alt's and some militech pants, and THREE shoe options. Two of which use Panam's sneakers, and one of which uses the yet-to-be-converted heeled boots we see Mama Welles wear to Jackie's Ofrenda. The heeled version requires spawn0's BETTER CLOTHES mod, that alters V's mesh to be compatible with higher heels. There is a very detailed README enclosed in the file. 

Enjoy choomba! 

Coming in hot with the Corpo Soldier! 

The female version of this outfit is only possible thanks to the incredible BrotherPazzo! It is thanks to his work with the Mox Bouncer pants, Glam Sandals, and many others that this is possible! Thank you my friend, and thank you for giving me permission to upload these beauties! 
This mod works by making V's lower body invisible, so only enable it for gaming sessions you know you'll be doing actual gameplay or screens with, you will want to disable this mod for any romance scenes as, you know, you won't have a lower body. The jacket was found in the arasaka files, i thought it was interesting to say the least! The shoulder holster is attached to the pants, leaving both upper body slots free to wear whatever you wish! These also work great with more of a street merc vibe if you equip Alt's top and an edgerunner jacket :D 

As for the Male Version, Tiao really put in some work on this one as he was able to get Goro's jacket to work with the help of SlySpy00. Includes an arasaka visor, Goro's coat, some gloves, various cyberware, as well as Yorinobu's pants, shoes, and his vest! Detailed Readme with Tiao's instructions is included. 

Our next set is the Nomad!

The Female version of the Nomad includes two previously un-converted items, the Malestrom sergeant pants as well as the sleeveless version of the Nomad bodysuit worn by Panam, in a slightly different colorway. In the images, the "Old Edgerunner" Vanilla jacket is used to complete the look, same as the rockergirl. I just like it too much! CET commands will be in the item's readme. 

The Male version of the Nomad is where tiaomototaxi really shines, he worked tirelessly to bring you guys a unique armor set that hasn't been converted before. It includes Bob the nomad's cyberarm, Kerry's boots, and a host of other badass looking accessories to make V look fit to take on the badlands in style! Bob's cyberarm replaces your personal link and the gloves included in this mod replace the weapon grip, so both items will be equipped at all times (with and without clothing, during romance scenes, etc) unless you choose not to install that section of the mod. CET commands and additional warnings will be in the readme. 

Our first set is the Rockerboy/Rockergirl street merc set, and we will be adding several more sets over the next few days. 

Each file includes a Readme that includes the CET commands for the items. 

Enjoy chooms! We'll have more sets and items for you soon! 

We will also be including requirements from other mods in the requirements tab, so please be sure to look at those AND read the description of each image, thank you very much! 


Simply extract the .7z and put the .archive files inside these folders. If the "patch" folder doesn't exist, create it yourself!

\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch

\GOGLibrary\Games\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch

\EpicLibrary\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch

Delete the basegame_mod_AltXYZ.archive from Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch.

- Replaces several items, read the .readme for details
- You can still upgrade them just like normal.
- FemV and MaleV
- Tested on game version 1.12 
- I rarely read the comments on nexus so if you have any questions ask them on the discord linked below.
tiaomototaxi's Discord ID: Luques#2454.
DO NOT SPAM, WE WON'T TAKE REQUESTS! Any feedback, however, would be highly appreciated.

- Rfuzzo and WolvenKit team for CP77Tools.
alphaZomega for CR2W script and Noesis plugin.
- SilverEzredes for teaching me to mod.
- BrotherPazzo for tips on getting this to work.

Join us over at discord for live research and mod progress!
If you want to help out, by all means, and if you're interested in modding CP77, we'll help you the way we can. Cyberpunk 2077