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Collection of simple bug fixes for Cyberpunk's gameplay.

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Important Notes and Installation Instructions

To install, drag and drop the bin and r6 folders into your Cyberpunk 2077 directory.

To uninstall, remove Simple Gameplay Bug Fixes from Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods and Cyberpunk 2077/r6/scripts

List of fixes:

  • Legendary Sonic Shock and Cripple Movement passive effects no longer trigger enemies' alerted state.
  • Legendary Weapon Glitch and Reboot Optics daemon uploads no longer trigger the quickhack cooldown or RAM cost.
  • Bosses and boxing enemies will no longer have indirect access to combat stims.
  • The Cyberpsycho in Downtown (in a garage) is now a proper boss enemy.
  • Enemies will no longer instantly aggro when V turns off a camera, jacks into a vending machine, etc. when their detection bar is filling up.
  • Aaron McCarlson will no longer attack V when they meet again.
  • Optical Camo less prone to causing bugs with V's visibility.
  • AntiVirus will no longer work when on cooldown.
  • Berserk's defensive stats all properly work now, and Berserk Armor Bonus multiplies armor, as would be expected.
  • Hard Motherfucker had it's description fixed from saying it lasted 1 second.
  • Leg Up will no longer apply its movement speed bonus upon reloading a save.
  • Burst attack weapons had their formula corrected to properly indicate their attacks per second.
  • Submachine guns will no longer spawn with handgun scopes.
  • High quality Defenders will correctly spawn with special effects similar to other weapons.
  • Disabled finishers on cyberpsychos that would auto-kill them, skipping the defeated phase.
  • Disabled double XP from first KOing an enemy, and then killing them.
  • Enemies will now react to projectile launcher explosions.
  • All types of weapons will correctly display when they shoot multiple projectiles.
  • Tech and Power icons have been fixed.
  • Burya sights have been fixed.
  • Nekomata no longer shakes when aiming and fully charged.


CET team for making CET.
Jekky for making redscript.