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Restore the kerenzikov dodge glitch on patch 1.2+ and restore the pre 1.3 movement

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  • Mandarin
This mod now requires Native Settings UI to tweak the strength of the dodge

This is a simple script fix to restore the pre 1.3 movement and also reintoduce the kerenzikov-dodge-jump feature glitch on patch 1.2+ The glitch itself works exactly like before.

  • Put the restoreKerenzikovDodge.reds file in r6/scripts 
  • Done!

Very small FAQ
  • What is the kerenzikov dodge?
It is a glitch that propels you with insane speeds forward if you dodge immediately after enabling the kerenzikov cyberware. This allows you to traverse the environment faster, jump insane distances and even bhop. There are dozens of tutorials on YouTube, etc. on how to pull it off.
  • How to actually pull it off???
Buy the kerenzikov cyberware, aim down sights, dodge forward, immediately release the aim button, dodge forward again and jump. You'll be able to chain such jumps after a bit of practice and will be able to move faster than any car in the game.

Only compatible with Cyberpunk v1.6.1, CET 1.19+ and redscript v0.5.8+