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Mod for editing damage values of the projectile launcher.

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As requested on my other launcher mod Varied Projectile Launcher Effects, here is a rebalance for the damage values. The base damage values are determined by level and technical ability points which can be edited in the lua file at Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\LauncherRebalance

There are four sections in the lua
  • Normal level based damage
  • Charged level based damage
  • Normal technical ability based damage
  • Charged technical ability based damage
  • Chance to apply DoT effects
  • Tranquilizer duration

Normal attacks are quick launcher attacks without aiming and charged are when the launcher is aimed for a couple seconds. The damage is based of the game default of adding the level based damage and technical based damage together for a total damage amount. The default lua settings for the mod are based more on technical ability damage and 100 percent chance to apply special effects such as poison or stun. All settings are the same as in the game, just with different values (except for the tranquilizer duration portion if you use it).

Known Bug - With custom tranquilizer duration turned on, grappling while they are tranquilized will cause the npc to be unconcious but not in a defeated state.
The comments should explain how to change the values to personal preference, however if you have any questions or suggestions just post on the discussions.

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