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With NightOS you can hack anything you want (actually no but in the future maybe).

Permissions and credits
Normally NightOS is plug-and-play, no any settings (except if you change the code),

What you can hack : 
-Vehicles (Forward, Backward, Left, Right, Stop, Explode)
-Traffic Light (Turn Off/On, Red, Green, Yellow, Glitching (random light every 0,25s))
- Propane Tank (Explode)
- NPC (Every hacks + money stealing, everytime you steal money, you have 10% chance the police come)
- Drop Point hacking (On/Off, stealing money)
- Drone hacking (every hack and drone controlling WIP)
- Security Turret hack (some turret were unhackable)
- Door hacking (open/close, lock)
- Fake Doors hacking (open/close)
- Elevator Hacking
I will post one update every week and some hotfix in case of big bugs.

I know the list is small for the moment but adding the Traffic Light only took me 30 minutes, so i will update it fast. Vehicles are the mean feature.

If you want to hack things to hack, say it to me

Note for drone hacking:
Drone hacking is still very WIP, sometime the camera roll, the camera get stuck, collision problèmes, ...
When you controlling a drone, you can move with normal controls, (for QWERTY, A is for roll left and E for roll right. For stop controlling the drone, press your pause button)

Nothing more to say, watch the video for more informations.

Thing i want to fix:
- Optimisation
- Sometime the menu stay
- Adding more things
- Make the Left/Right better for vehicles
- Sometime the vehicle get stuck