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New Infinite Cyberware Capacity file! Don't mind the 'pseudo' in the name... It's god mode... No damage taken (including fall damage)... Also infinite stamina, oxygen, carry capacity and much more... Be sure to check out the video :)

Permissions and credits
Potential fix for the issues people were having with the "Infinite Ammo Addon" has been uploaded... You can find it in the "Miscellaneous Files"... Only install this if the infinite ammo isn't working for you...

TweakXL is required for the main "Customizable Edition" and all addons...
Cyber Engine Tweaks is required for the CET version...
Neither version requires both dependencies...

Before using the main (non-CET) files, make sure you don't have any other similar TweakXL mods installed (God Mode, Infinite Carry Capacity, etc)... It will likely cause your game to crash or freeze on startup (if they edit any of the same values, which they probably will)...

Install CET and this mod (if you haven't yet), then run the game and set an overlay keybind when prompted... Next, open the overlay with the key you just bound and select the "Bindings" button in the CET overlay... Then bind a key to activate this mod... Then (with CET overlay closed) press that keybind in game to manually enhance your V...

New "Damage Buffs Addon" file:
This makes most enemies die in one shot... Increases Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and a bunch of damage multipliers... This can also be used on it's own... Will be added to the main "Customizable Edition" file at some point... And maybe the CET version, though I really don't suggest to use that anymore unless you really just don't like God Mode being active all the time...

I have split all the files from the "Customizable Edition" and uploaded each as their own file in the "Updates" files section... Now you can more easily customize to your liking :)

  • If you have an older version of this mod prior to v2.0 (just a single file named "Manually Enhanced V" in your [CP77>r6>tweaks] folder, uninstall it before installing the new customizable version
  • Install required mod (TweakXL) if you don't already have it
  • Extract to main CP77 install folder

I suggest to combine this with my Manually Enhanced New Game - Pseudo NG+ mod if you really want to go wild (will only affect new characters, though)...


  • Delete the "##ManuallyEnhancedV-CustomizableEdition" folder from your [CP77>r6>tweaks] folder
  • For CET version, delete the "ManuallyEnhancedGodModeButton" folder from your [CP77>bin>x64>plugins>CET>mods] folder

The stat boosts from this WILL NOT PERSIST in savegames if you uninstall the mod, as it doesn't edit your V's personal stats, but the base player stats...

Known Issues:
May cause a very slight bit of stutter when loading a save for the first time as the game does all of the necessary calculations (it's adding a value to your base stats, then multiplying by the same value it adds)... This could be worse than 'very slight' on lower-spec CPUs or systems with an HDD instead of SSD, though still shouldn't be too bad... I didn't drop frames, but I could feel the stutter for about 2-3 seconds on my first load of both savegames I tested it with... So far haven't noticed it at all on subsequent loads...

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