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Stop vehicle and apartment deals spam!

Permissions and credits
Game v2.0 positively verified.
Game v1.3 through 1.63+ compatible.
Not tested against Phantom Liberty DLC


Have enough of unsolicited advertising?
You're in the heat of a quest action and all of sudden a message pops up with "a great deal" staying sticky for some time.
Or you start the game Act II, move to the City Center and get flooded with long series of apartment deals accompanied with loud banging sounds.
Moreover: you want to make it go away quick so you press the action button only to find... your tracked quest has just switched to the unwanted vehicle or apartment deal!

If this is the case then this simple mod is for you.

What it does:

- it blocks the vehicle or apartment deal messages on-screen notifications,
- it blocks the vehicle or apartment deal quests on-screen notifications and prevents accidental quest tracking switch.

What it doesn't do:

- it does not block the deals nor the messages themselves - the messages stay unread in your journal so you can take them at any time,
- it does not block the quests - they stay marked new in your journal so you can activate and follow any of them at any time as usual,
- it does not block the incoming message sound notification so you'll still learn something new arrived but in an inobtrusive way,
- and the last but not least: it does not block any other on-screen notification.

How to use it:

Install your preferred edition, make sure to install requirements and you're done.
There is no any settings nor any mod window - it's just plain and simple.

Two editions are available: CET and redscript.

Which edition should I choose?

The choice between the two editions depends on your personal preference.
Both editions provide the same functionality.

The differences come from dependencies:

CET edition:

Requirement: Cyber Engine Tweaks

- Requires only one dependency (CET)
- Easy to manage and troubleshoot while the game application is running
- Easier to troubleshoot
- More susceptible to being disabled by game updates due to its CET dependency
- More likely to experience CET-related issues during gameplay

redscript edition:

Requirement 1: redscript
Requirement 2: cybercmd

- Requires two dependencies if used in combination with REDmod or with the game v2.x
- Requires a game application restart for management and troubleshooting
- Troubleshooting may be more difficult
- Less susceptible to being disabled by game updates
- Less likely to experience code execution issues during gameplay.

What if I install both editions?

There is no harm in installing both.
The CET edition will detect the presence of the redscript edition and remain inactive.

Compatibility info:

Game v1.3 - 2.0 with corresponding requirement versions depending on the edition installed.
Not tested against earlier versions.
Not tested against Phantom Liberty DLC

Install or update:


- download the zip archive and extract
- drop the extracted "bin" folder into "[your game provider install folder]\Cyberpunk 2077" folder. Allow to overwrite files if asked.


- use Vortex Manager



- remove folders (if existing):
"[your game provider install folder]\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\stop_spam"
"[your game provider install folder]\Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts\stop_spam"


- use Vortex Manager


Credits go to yamashi, psiberx and the rest of the CET developer team for the Cyber Engine Tweaks scripting platform development and support.
Also special thanks to Anyswayze as I found the way to block the spam while following his other idea in another mod thread :)