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Improves the optical camo by allowing the player to change (cooldown) duration and allows to toggle the camo on and off.

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
  • Turkish
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
Better Optical Camo source at GitHub

Improves the optical camo by allowing the player to toggle it on/off, change several settings like
charge-decay/regen (how fast the energy depletes and regenerates), allow the camo to be enabled indefinitely
and to recharge immediately when turning off.

Since 2.0, a combat-cloak has been added, actually making the player invisible to entities and removing
enemies from combat after a (configurable) delay.

The settings can be found in the "Mods" menu entry under "Better Optical Camo"

  • Cyber Engine Tweaks
  • Native Settings UI
  • redscript (Optional)

  • Custom Quickslots

  • Extract the downloaded ZIP and copy the contents of the "Core Mod" directory into the game directory
  • (Optional) If you use "Custom Quickslots", also copy the contents of "Compatibility Addons\Custom Quickslots" into the game directory

Since 2.0.0, translating Better Optical Camo has been made easier than it was before using a dedicated translation-file, `i18n.json`.
To see which texts can be translated, take a look at `i18n.default.json`, look for the strings to want to translate,
copy those into `i18n.json` and finally, translate the texts.

Better Optical Camo does not come with a `i18n.json` by itself, so if you made a translation, you only need to distribute `i18n.json`
instead of the whole `init.lua`, which allows for easier updates when people use translations.

Key Bindings
  • Toggling: Combat Gadget key (middle mouse button by default)