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Allows binding a hotkey to CET (CyberEngineTweaks) to freeze/unfreeze the look-at-camera animation in photo mode. Also slows down the animation to give you a chance to freeze the pose with V's eyes looking in the direction you want. Once the animation is frozen, you can rotate the camera to get more variety in your photos.

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NOTE: This works fine with the 1.5 patch as long as your CET version is up to date.

This is a very simple plugin for CyberEngineTweaks.

It does two things:

  1. It slows the rate at which V's face turns to face the camera in photo mode when you choose "look at camera". The actual rate of turn depends on your frame rate, I've discovered - lower FPS means slower rate of turn.
  2. It allows you to bind a hotkey to freeze/unfreeze the aforementioned animation completely. What this means is that you can rotate the camera, enable "look at camera", and then - as V's eyes turns to face you and his/her head and body starts to turn, you can then freeze the animation before it completes. Once you've done this, you can rotate the camera to another angle, allowing for more natural poses where V isn't forced into a perfect front-facing shot every time, but instead can be looking off to the side, looking down at the floor, glancing at a nearby character or point of interest, etc.

Can also be used while looking in the mirror! For example, angle the FPP camera far left so you can't see V's face, hit your hotkey to freeze, then look back at the mirror. V will still be looking far left, and will remain animated too.

Requires CyberEngineTweaks.

Once unzipped, you should have a "photo_mode_tools" folder in your bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods folder.

Upon startup, open the CET window, select the "Hotkeys" tab, then bind a key to freeze/unfreeze. Go into photo mode, select a pose that supports look at camera, then have fun!

  • The setting affects NPC head turning as well. Make sure you unfreeze the animation when not in photo mode, or NPCs will have trouble making eye contact with you during cut scenes.
  • Some outerwear types (certain jackets, etc.) disable the look-at-camera feature altogether. This is something to do with the engine itself, and is not related to this mod. It might be a bug or a limitation of certain outerwear models. If you're not able to get V's head to turn in photo mode, try changing or removing your jacket/harness/etc.