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Find one out of 30+ car models and bring them to a random location to earn some eddies and receive some rare items. You can find your mission location on different ways, either by using the good old compass or by simply enabling and following the marker on the map. A good way to earn additional cash in a balanced way.

Permissions and credits
BMYC (Bring me your car) - A car theft mod

A small mod to have an additional way to earn money and items in the game.
There are currently 40 random locations and 25+ different car models. This mod also includes a powerful menu to customize some options like adding new car models, editing their tier, adding new locations etc. For more information have a look at "Menu explaination".


  • Use Vortex or manually extract it your Cyberpunk 2077 root directory (should look like this <Cyberpunk 2077>\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\BMYC - A car theft mod)
  • Delete the following directory at <Cyberpunk 2077>\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\BMYC - A car theft mod

  • Start the game and set in CET the hotkeys for "Accept", "Decline" and "Toggle Mission dialogs" (you can show/hide most of the popups with this key)
  • enter any car and a quest dialog will appear (you can use your Accept/Decline hotkeys or use the arrow keys and space)
  • if you accepted, a list of seven cars will appear on the right side
  • find one of these cars and break into it
  • another dialog appears, if you want to drive to the given location (it will show you the distance + district and subdistrict), press accept to start the mission
  • Drive to the location, leave the car and kill all the enemies (if enabled) to claim your reward

Usage (long version)

Menu explaination
There is a menu with different settings and options, which should be fine for most of the users by default. But if you want to customize some things like locations, edit car tiers etc. you should have a look at the following lines.


Known Issues
  • Game crashes when reloading a save while sitting or dying in a car (no workaround so far)

Yamashi , WSSDude420 and all other contributors of  CyberEngineTweaks
Ming for creating CPSytling
Thalon Mook and his Sell Stolen Car Mod, which inspired me to do this
All of the rest of the Cyberpunk2077 Discord

This is the first time I have done a mod and wrote anything in LUA, so this is by far not perfect or bugfree. I wrote this initially for myself, but wanted to share it with anybody who is interested in this.