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This mod's goal is to make Lynx Paws a viable alternative to the other leg cyberware by offering things you want that are not double/hover jump.

Permissions and credits
Lynx Paws is really bad compared to the other legs cyberware options. It isn't at all competitive with the alternatives. 50% less footstep sounds (when crouching is a thing), compared to jumping twice as high for almost half the cost.

Some other mods have boosted the sound reduction to 100% and then added double jump or boosted jump height, but I wanted to make something that offers an alternative to the jumping options which is actually tempting to take and thus increases variety and gives an interesting decisions on what to take. I've also reduced the price by 23.5% (costs are still based on quality, but now the Rare version is slightly cheaper than the other Rare legs).

The changes focus on stealth, since that's the original intent of the Lynx Paws and these stats are really everything leg related I could think of other than jumping. Since most of these stats are numeric, we can have 3 qualities:

Rare Lynx Paws ($26,000)
  • +5% movement speed
  • +10% movement speed while crouched
  • -50% footstep sound radius
  • -10% fall damage

Epic Lynx Paws ($41,600)
  • +10% movement speed
  • +20% movement speed while crouched
  • -100% footstep sound radius
  • -20% fall damage

Legendary Lynx Paws ($72,800)
  • +15% movement speed
  • +30% movement speed while crouched
  • -100% footstep sound radius
  • -30% fall damage
  • land silently

Crouching movement speed here only requires that you be crouched. The Crouching Tiger perk in the Ninjutsu tree requires you to be crouching and in stealth (i.e. undetected) to get the 20% speed increase, so you slow down once detected. Also, the movement bonuses from this mod are cumulative, so for example Rare Lynx Paws gives a 15% total boost to crouched movement speed (5% + 10%).


The items can be found at the following ripperdocs:

Rare Lynx Paws (available from the start)
  • Dr. Chrome in Kabuki market
  • Japantown ripperdoc (not Fingers)

Epic Lynx Paws (changed to require 15 Street Cred)
  • Fingers (as in unmodded)
  • Kabuki south ripperdoc (as in unmodded)

Legendary Lynx Paws (requires 30 Street Cred)
  • Pacifica ripperdoc
  • Aldecados ripperdoc


All the in-game text on the cyberware which lists the bonuses from each version is translated to all supported languages (via Google Translate). If there's any bad errors you'd like fixed just drop me a message :) The translations are in an archive file so it's not easy for anyone to just edit (Wolvenkit required).


I am not making a Native Settings menu for this mod, but if you want to edit the values, just open "bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\LynxPawsReimagined\init.lua" and all the values are there at the top to change. Any changes will be reflected automatically in the descriptions, those are dynamic.

Installation / Uninstallation Effects

If you already own the (Epic) Lynx Paws, then installing this mod will just make those Lynx Paws have the properties described above.

If you have a saved game with the Rare or Legendary Lynx Paws in your inventory or equipped, loading it without the mod installed will delete the Lynx Paws from your inventory. As far as I know that's the only side-effect, but to be safe I would sell either of those off before uninstalling the mod if you don't want to use it anymore. The Epic Lynx Paws would still stay in your inventory since it's the same item (but with different stats while this mod is installed).


  • This mod is going to conflict with any other mods that modify the Lynx Paws cyebrware.
  • If you're enjoying the other features in Leg Cyberware Tweaks, you can just turn off the Lynx Paws changes in that mod and that should make them compatible (haven't tested this, but it looks like you can just toggle the individual components of that mod).


  • IMPORTANT: This mod depends on ArchiveXL, RED4ext, and Cyber Engine Tweaks. Download and install them first!
  • To install this mod, extract the zip file into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder.


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