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About this mod

This mod lets you play different mini-games on the physical arcade machines

Permissions and credits

What it does:

- Adds four different playable arcade games
- Lets you play those games simply by interacting with an arcade machine
- Each arcade game has its own soundtracks and sound effects
- Full controller support

- Download and install CET
- Download the mod and extract it into your game folder (The one containing /bin and /r6)
- Optionally turn on "Input Hints" in the game's settings, to see input hints when playing a mini-game

Basic Usage:
  • After approaching an arcade machine, press the key corresponding with the interaction popup
  • Use Mouse Wheel / DPad to select an option from the menu, press your interact key to use the option
  • Hit your Quick Meele (Q / Left Stick Down) key to go back one layer
  • If you have input hints enabled in the game's options, they will tell you what keys to hit

Panzer Shooter Extreme:

  • This is a high action shoot-em-up, where you fight against different types of enemies
  • Features 4 different enemy types, killing them gives back some HP
  • Features two different fire modes
  • WSAD / Left Stick -> Movement
  • Jump -> Shoot primary weapon
  • Hold reload button -> Charge secondary weapon

Cyber Gryphon:

  • A classic arcade game, inspired by games such as "Flappy Bird"
  • Gets progressively harder
  • Jump Key -> Jump


  • Looks like Tetris, and plays like Tetris. But with a visual Cyberpunk flair, inspired by cult classics
  • WSAD / DPad -> Move left / right / down
  • Jump -> Rotate the piece

Roach Race:

  • A minimalistic game similar to games such as the "chrome dino game", but in a Witcher setting
  • Pick up carrots to refill your lives
  • Jump Key -> Jump

  • psiberx: Cron.lua and GameUI.lua, as well as knowing literally everything about inkWidgets
  • kikito: tween.lua
  • Akira: For testing the mod