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Instagram's Fitness & close-quarters-combat guru 360Heru reimagined as a Character Preset!

Modded Level 5 Street Cred 5 Male V Character Preset. Brawling Type good with Body, Reflexes, and Cool. Uses Knives and Arms. Recommend using Cyber Engine Tweaks to set resistance to your liking..he is super strong right now.

Permissions and credits
  1. Paste saved games zip file where all you or saved games are.
  2. Rename the save first if you already have a saved game file with the same Manual Save number. 
This mod was inspired by 360heru on Instagram who is always doing martials arts and fitness. I reimagined him as a merc in Cyberpunk 2077 with a dedication of becoming as fit and deadly as possible. He has an arsenal of upgrades:
  • Double jump
  • Legendary Gorilla Arms
  • Chrome Skull including teeth
  • Epic Kiroshi Optics
  • Militech Sand MK5
  • Faulty optical camo (lol)
He is level 5 street cred 5 with only 7 percent of the story done. Currently in Apartment needing to meet at Lizzie's bar to do the heist mission. 
  • Armor - 6 Health 266 Stamina 195 but with all his perks he is a powerhouse right now. 
  • Nothing but knives and gorilla arms because thats how Heru gets down (he uses other weapons too but they are not in the game) Enjoy!