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Get behind the seat of the Rattler's urban sibling!

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Choombas, we all know how emotional it gets when V finally says goodbye to their Rattler, or how odd it is seeing a nomad car in the city. Well, now the spirit of the rattler can live on through V's standard galena! Cruise through NC without having to worry about pesky city dwellers giving your ride a side eye 'cause of the nomad gadgets on it! :D

-Switches the look of V's standard galena G204 to that of a city-friendly version of the Rattler. Choose from 3 wheel configs.
-Features the roll cage and interior of the OG Rattler without all the clutter and mess. Removed the bobble head dog but added the Thorton logo ornament with it's dangling physics.
-Full overheating engine parts, glowing and exhaust effects for that true rattler experience!
-Sound mod switching the galena sound to that of the rattler as a cherry on top :D

-Drop ANY ONE VARIANT into Cyberpunk2077>archive>pc>mod
-Sound goes into Cyberpunk2077>bin>x64>plugins>cyber_engine_tweaks>mods

*CET Spawn code:
Game.GetVehicleSystem():EnablePlayerVehicle("Vehicle.v_standard2_thorton_galena_player", true, false)

-Not really a bug, but a very small section of the front tires clips a wee bit into the floor where the wheel arch is, hardly noticeable though as it only happens when driving in FPP if you happen to look down when steering to the max. Nothing i can do about that as the interior floor of the rattler extends a bit more forward than the standard galena to make space for the N20 bottle at V's feet. Also, unlike the rattler, the stock galena isn't raised and there's also nothing i can do about that at all.