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New hotfix TO the Hotfix. Should fix people's issues with the car not showing up in the player garage menu.

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  1. Latest version of Cyber Engine Tweaks (v1.17 or higher)


1. An OVERHAULED Front Fascia!! 
The Front Bumper and Fascia now has a new look, integrating more elements from the original Turbo-R VTECH, including Front Lip Spoiler, Horizontal Grille Slats, and a new tertiary light strip on the Bullbar.

2. A DECLUTTERED Rear End!! 
The Rear Bumper now has a reimagined, more tightly-fit arrangement of parts, enhancing the car's rugged, offroad-racer vibe! The rear diffuser has also been removed.

3. Newly-REDESIGNED Weapon Systems!! 
While they still aren't functional (YET), the Arcadia's deployed weapon systems have been reimagined and remade from scratch. The specific layout and weapon choice is directly inspired by 2001's SpyHunter, a criminally-underrated PS2 game IMHO.

2. A NEW COAT of Paint!! 
The Car's main body has been given a fresh take on its iconic color scheme! The vibrant orange accents are much the same, but the main blue paint is a more vibrant, saturated color, complete with metal-flake finish!


"The Arcadia: pride and joy of DocWorks Automotive."

Completed in July 2077, The Quadra Turbo-R "Arcadia" represents the pinnacle of Naomie Xaris' skills, talent, and ingenuity as a professional automobile tuner. While DocWorks Automotive as a studio has built many vehicles (and continues to create more on a regular basis), the Arcadia remains the only one kept by Naomie Xaris herself. It's her personal daily driver, and is often the first thing to receive any experimental upgrades and conceptual design enhancements she aquires. One such example is the AUGLev Master System(TM) conversion, a combined electromagnetic suspension and drivetrain overhaul which Naomie first received as a gift from an anonymous contact at Rayfield, and has since gone on to include in many of the offroad-oriented builds she's produced since.
- The July 2077 issue of "Automobile" Magazine, with a cover story featuring Naomie Xaris and the Mk. III Arcadia 

The Arcadia itself is designed to be the perfect car for life beyond the safe haven of Night City, or any other urban environment for that matter: Extremely fast with unparalleled agility. Acceleration AND top speed surpassing even the most well-equipped Corpomilitary groups. Tough as nails, and durable enough to survive a nuclear strike. Reliable enough to need minimal maintenance and always start when you need it. Comfortable inside for those long rides across the country, and with at least some minor storage space to accommodate a Nomad's minimalist life essentials kit.

In its former life, the car was a post-facelift, second-generation Quadra Turbo-R VTECH from 2062, and was one of only 650 produced that year. Naomie acquired the vehicle in late 2074 after a chance encounter at an estate sale, where she purchased the car in a non-operational state. The car was in woeful condition - having been the greatest victim of a catastrophic structure fire some years prior. But Naomie instantly saw potential in the charred vehicle, as while the paint and much of the bodywork were utterly ruined, the interior structure, frame, and even engine had been largely unaffected by the raging inferno, and could thus serve as a perfect canvas upon which to build her masterpiece.

The longest part of the build process was by far and away the part acquisition. Naomie called upon connections she had from her father's time at Rayfield to acquire experimental CrystalDome technology, as well as advanced forced-induction units for the car's engine. Forged internals were also needed, as were a host of advanced composite polymers for the construction of armored body panels. Of course, the car's engine would need to be bored out, and lastly a robust electrical wiring harness would be needed to sustain all the various electronic components that would go onto the car. The entire part acquisition process took nearly 3 years, with the electrical components being the hardest to source thanks to global shortages.

Once all the components were present, Naomie got started on rebuilding the car from the ground up. With the help of her colleagues and garage partners Jamie Cross and Erok Dodger, plus the added support of the Aldecaldo Bright Family, the car finally started to come together. What they ultimately created could truly be considered a masterpiece.

-- SPECS --

Year of Completion: 2077
Bodystyle: COUPE, 2-DOOR
Class Designation: OVERLAND RACER

Power: 1,247HP Torque: 970 lb-ft
Top Speed: 257mph

The engine is now a 'Quin-Charged' 5.6L V10, producing 1,247hp and 970lb-ft thanks to its unique forced induction setup. Twin turbochargers recycle the air from the car's exhausts, while a third turbocharger mounted in the center of the block provides an extra kick at mid-range RPM. At low speed and on takeoff, twin superchargers provide the car with enormous levels of torque. The tune staging of the entire setup is intended to maximize torque from the superchargers at lower RPM, spool the two larger turbos more rapidly at mid-range RPM via the center-mounted third turbo, and finally maximize boost from the larger twin turbos at higher RPM. All this power is sent to the wheels via an ElectroDynamic AWD system and coupled to a 7-speed manual transmission with toggleable low-range. This combination of variable drive systems and a highly versatile powerband allows the Arcadia to perform almost any task a badlands operative could ask of it.

The Arcadia uses a variable all-wheel-drive platform equipped with ElectroDynamic power split and an AugLEV electromagnetic rear drive system. The ElectroDynamic system is capable of diverting power freely between the front and rear wheels in accordance with road surfaces, power demand, and user intentions. By default, 60% of the power is sent to the rear wheels, with the ratio being freely adjustable by user intervention or the onboard AI system.

- A close-up view of the rear AugLEV Suspension/Drivetrain system 

The Arcadia's systems are fully integrated with the Delamain "EXCELSIOR-2.0" Child-AI Program, allowing for semi- or fully-autonomous operation of the vehicle's many systems, including LIDAR-based AutoPilot and AutoNav Recovery systems. Naomie Xaris herself has stated before that integration with the EXCELSIOR AI has also been responsible for the vehicle's lasting reliability, as the AI's pseudo-sentient nature allows it to recognize potential fault and compensate for them, as well as react and adapt to changing environments and circumstances with human-like speed and accuracy.

Also equipped on board is an armored CrystalDome Vehicle Optics Conversion, derived from components Naomie Xaris "sourced" from Militech and Arasaka associates. The triple-reduncant scanner and camera system ensures that the driver will never lose visual with their surroundings. However, ever the pragmatist, Naomie Xaris included an additional redundancy, in the form of a driver-centric Personal Link terminal, allowing for direct vehicular control when used in conjunction with Kiroshi Optical Implants (Mk. III or higher).

Thank you to everyone who has helped me on this journey, Erok most of all. Your name is in the creator credits for a reason, my friend. You're an absolute god.