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Hold a button to hang onto the side of a wall. Can also jump off walls

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There are a few actions you can perform


If you touch a wall after hitting grab key (default is Q), then you will hang onto the side of it until you press again or jump


You can jump off of walls.  There are options to disable that for users of  alt midair movement / walljump


Also while hanging from a wall, you can crawl around on the wall (or hanging from a ceiling)


Just in case you get stuck, it might be worth having 
Ghost Forward or FreeFly

Two of my other mods that would go well with this are 
Jetpack and Grappling Hook

Not as related, but Low Flying V is my other flight based mod

This will disable fall damage and the desaturated screen when falling fast.  For a bit more realism, this will turn otherwise lethal falls into somewhat painful falls

This is an archive based mod that disables the falling sepia filter

Alt Midair Movement / WallJump can also pair well with this

Before installing this, you will need to have Cyber Engine Tweaks installed

Installing isn't hard, just unzip and copy.  See attached video for details

C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\wall_hang


- Rewrote the jumping.  The old version was hard coded to spin the player around while looking at the wall (unless looking straight up).  This new version uses config files that were generated in an external editor and can define what to do based on the angle between wall's normal and player's look direction

- After jumping, added the concept of a relatch, which automatically applies wall hang.  This also applies the wall attraction force so you can suck back to a wall if you get too far away

- Added an option for a different jump sound (the default sound gets annoying when constantly hitting the jump button)

- Added an option to reduce or eliminate fall damage


- Removed dependency on redscript (reworked functions to use cet equivalent calls)

NOTE: the four flight mods talk to each other with a new cet based function, so all need to be updated (grappling hook, jetpack, low flying v, wall hang).  This is so you can chain from one flight mod to another, and only one will control the player at a time

- Holding shift overrides jump backward when facing wall setting (it's off by default, so holding shift is a way to force it)


- Added an attraction to walls when they are a little bit out of reach.  When midair, activate the hang and you will suck to the nearest wall

- Added a speed limit when jumping straight up a wall.  If you're already going too fast and try to jump, the impulse will be reduced or zero.  This makes it feel a little more realistic (though jumping straight up is still pretty over powered)

- Made jumping backward off of walls optional (off by default)

- Added wall crawling.  The design has flaws and needs rework, but works well enough to push out for now.  If you get stuck, either jump or unlatch and relatch.  You'll want freefly or ghost forward in case you clip into walls.  See below for a longer explanation of the design flaw

- If falling too fast, the player will no longer instant stick.  Instead it applies drag until slow enough to grab.  This one always bothered me, how cheap it felt to stop from any speed

- When binding custom inputs, it now only remembers the first action seen.  A button press triggers several actions and it used to toggle between latch/unlatch/latch etc as the events streamed in


- Added a config screen.  Exposed the wall hang button in the config's input bindings page

- Changed the hang key to latch instead of needing to hold it in - pressing again will release.  There's a checkbox in the config if you prefer the original way.  Thanks for the suggestion Inuk :)


- Added a fix to make this work with 1.3

- Added support for controller to look while hanging on a wall

- Will now jump straight up when looking up and toward the wall.  This still needs work, but I need to fix my other mods for 1.3

Be careful, it's easy to spam the jump button and get yourself to lethal heights.  It would be good to have grappling hook and/or jetpack as a backup

The current implementation of wall crawl is kind of flawed:

Each frame, the direction to go is calculated based on the current wall's normal.  Then some raycasts are performed to see if the desired movement is allowed

The problem is that lots of walls are perpendicular to each other.  Inside corners aren't too bad, but outside corners require extra logic to see around the corner.  Then the player will instantly jump from one point to another

_____ o

Additional logic could be added to interpolate between those points across frames, but what if they decide to go a different direction mid interpolation?

The player now also gets stuck on little ledges or other types of outside corners, probably because they are just far enough away from the wall to no longer find a good spot to move to.  It's a flawed design that will require more and more custom logic

So instead of latching directly to walls, an intermediate layer should be created.  Probably some kind of bezier mesh.  This would be built from a scan of points, then use those to create a smooth surface that can be crawled on (sort of like putting saran wrap over an area).  This will definitely be required for wall run

So long story short, I know it's broken, have an idea of how to fix it.  Even in its current state, it's better than not having it.  I've already been working on this update long enough and want to move on to something else for a while