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Improves your role-playing experience by allowing you to access unaccesable areas

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It's really a shame that a lot of content gets locked behind unopenable doors after you have done a specific mission. There are so many beautiful interiors in this game, it's a shame that you can no longer access them. But fear not, with this mod you can now access these areas again :D

I really love to do role-playing on this game, so I did this in an immersive way. Just interact with a previously locked door to open it, or interact with a disabled lift panel to enable it.

Keep in mind, I'm spending almost all my time doing side quests and just rolling around, so I'm pretty behind the main story, which means there's probably a lot more locked content that I haven't mapped yet. There is a section on "Bugs" for location suggestions, so feel free to report a locked area and I'll do my best to map it :)

Also, as I'm unlocking areas as I go, some of these areas may be further restricted if you haven't done the specific missions for them first. Let me know if thats the case

Current List of Available Places (More To Come)

  • Voodoo Boys Underground Base (Map)
  • Secret penthouse you get during a specific gig (next to V's Mansion) (Map)
  • V's Mansion (Check Video for a full tour) (Map)
  • Konpeki Tower (Check Video for a full tour) (Map)
  • Maelstrom Hideout (Check Video for a full tour) (Map)
  • Peralez Penthouse (Map)
  • Sandra Dorsett Apartment (Map)
  • Secret Room from Sandra Dorsett rescue mission building (Check Video for a full tour) (Map)
  • MLK and Brendon Hotel (Map)
  • Delamain HQ (Map)
  • (New) JigJig Apartment (Map) (Check Image)
  • (New) Finger's Room (Map)
  • (New) Barry Lewis's Apartment (Map) (Below V's Apartment)
  • (New) Rogue's Apartment (Map)
  • (New) Lake Farm House (Map)
  • (New) Solar Power Station (Map)
  • (New) H10 Shooting Range (Map)

  • Smuggler Location (Map)

Install Instructions

Step 1) The mod requires you to have CyberEngineTweaks installed. You can find the last release at

Step 2) Download mod and extract the contents to  \Cyberpunk 2077\  so the path should look like  \Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\Unlock NightCity\init.lua  (Replace if prompted)

Step 3) Start the game

Use Instructions

Due to new changes to CET, hotkeys now need to be manually set by you. Open the console, go to the hotkeys section, and set your desired hotkeys.

To check if the mod is running, open the console and check for the following:

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Sub Systems


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I really just have to thank the entire modding community. None of this would have been possible w/t the tools, research and ideas of the awesome people constantly working to make it possible <3

A special thanks to:

Architect and neecapp for the amazing work done over the lifts scripting

Expired for the awesome item quality script

CP77 Modding Tools Discord for all the tools and research done by modders there :)

Also, check Architect's own mod CityHack and give him some endorsements if you can :)