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With this mod you can sell your stolen cars to a garage.
You can get missions from Dakota to steal a special car.
Get stolen Cars to your own car list and change paint in paintshop.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
You can sell your stolen cars to a garage in the Badlands and Watson Northside.
See the screenshots for the position of Dakota's garage.


Sell Stolen Car
Drive the car inside the garage and then choose Yes to sell it.
Use the left garage where you can drive in fully until car stops.
In Watson drive to car symbol untill sell window pops up.
Leave car to get the money.

Take Car to your own
Drive car into garage choose Take then Ok. Go to dakota speak with her and if you truly want the car press Yes.
You get a message that it takes a while (4 ingame hours) until car is ready. In this time you can' sell or take cars also not do missions.
When car is ready you get a message. Then go to Dakota talk with her to get the car. You pay the fee for the car if you acceppt automatic.
Now it stands in front of right garage to take.
The car is now in your list and you can call it like all your other cars.
The cars have now the same paint as then one you brought also when you spawn car it will have the same paint.

Steal Car Missions

Go to Dakota talk with her and she give you a mission to bring special car form location to her garage.
If you accept go to location search car. You can use scanner to find the right car. You get a message if you scanned the needed object.
Also you can use talk button anywhere to see mission options or abort mission.
Bring car to garage drive in left garage and choose Yes to finish the mission.
You get the reward if you leave the car.
Some mission objects are not easy to find search arround and got to every backyard.
If you not find the car and you will give up the mission press talk button and choose Abort.

Car Paintshop
You find paintshop in Watson. There is a car symbol on map. Here you can change the design of your car.
Drive to paintshop when you reached the position of the symbol, message opens press ok and leave the car.
Paintmaster is coming to your car. Press talk button when you nerar him.
Window with info will open. Choose Yes to open design window. Paintmaster has a mobile hologenerator that will show new designs on your car.
Use FWD or BKW key to change design.  You can walk arround car with design window open.
When you found the design you like press Take Button.
Paintmaster will give you info that it takes about 2 hours until car is painted.
You will get a message when car is ready to take.
Dive to Autowerks go to Paintmaster talk with him to get your new designed car.
(Set keys to cycle in Console Hotkeys)

When open console SCM Settings menu will open.
There you can save and restore owned car list. See Update on bottom of this page.
Also you can set radio off or on. When checked radio will not play if you go into car.
At SCM Setting Menu you can choose language.

If you steal police car you can enable siren and policelights or only lights with hotkey.

You can move with arrow keys in windows to select button and press space to accept.

If something goes wrong you can reset the script by opening the console and use Reload all Mods.

You can not sell or take any car if mission is running or take car is in work!

NEW in Version 0.5:
Steal car missions from Dakota.

New in Version 0.7
Take stolen car to your own.

More cars and locations for the Steal Car Missions.

New in Version 0.95
Cars have same paint as the one you brought.
When you call the car it also have the paint equal to the one you took.
You can save and restore the own car list. See update description at bottom of site.

New in Version 0.97
Paintshop to change the design of owned cars. You see car symbol in Watson Northside.
Setting menu to enable or disable radio.
In Settings you can save and restore your owned cars from previous version. (See Update at bottom of page)
Windosize will be calculated by fontsize you set in CET config.json.
Changed the prices of cars you sell or cars you take (Thx to Lapdragon)
Many bugs fixed.

New in Version 0.99
New location in Watson Northside to sell cars and trucks (When not finished chapter one you only can sell cheap cars no trucks!)
When save a game mod data also will be saved. So mission, take car or paint car jobs will go on after load save.
Dakota and Trader in Watson have an account. You will see account balance when sell a car.
If balance is to low you cant sell cars. You have to wait 24 in game hours until it is refilled.
You can fill up Dakotas account with buying cars or make missions.
If you call your car it's normaly cleaned. If not you can define key to clean and set design.
Updated database with changed or missing cars.
Bugfixes and UI improvements.

New in Version 1.01
Fixed Radar Love car can be sold at dakota
Fixed some changed names in database
Fixed missions will not work right after save and load game
Fixed position recognision car trader Watson Northside

New in Version 1.05
Multilanguage support (atm English, German, French and English CP2077 style)
Fixed Missions, Paint and Take Car save and load status
Fixed missing or changed Vehicles
New Decoration at Watson Car Trader
Many Fixes and improvements
When you do a mission and scan the right car it's doors will be unlocked after scan
You can now use a hotkey if car dont show the right appearance. You can set Cleankey in CET Keybindings.

This is a WIP errors can occur!

Be sure you have Game Patch 1.31 and CET Ver. 1.16.4 or above installed!!
When install mod with modmanager save your database (db.sqlite3) file to external folder before updating!!

Sell car prices will be different by car type you get about 10% of the price you normaly pay for cars in game.
When you take a car it cost about 30% of the normal price.
10,000 €$ for special steal car mission.
Car paint will cost from 2k €$ up to 15k €$ depending on how expensive the car is or what size it has.

Future Plans:
- I would like to adjust the prices to the respective car class (done)
- Get stolen Car to your owned cars (done)
- Get mission form Dakota bring special car (done)
- Change painting or appearance of your car (done)

- More garages where you can sell the stolen cars (done)
- Make special place to sell stolen trucks (done)

- Localization to most languages (done)
- Make cars need fuel. So you have to use CHOOH2 stations to fuel up car (in progress)
- Tune vehicles at special tuning garage
- Repair your car at the garage
- Different missons carry passenger from one place to an other or bring car from one place to other
- Street Creds for missions and sold cars
- Reputation will be increased with each successful mission so you can get better missions and special items


First Install and configure Cyber Engine Tweaks: Cyber Engine Tweaks (Use the latest version !!)
Then extract this mod to game directory (Cyperpunk 2077) or copy the folder SellCarMod to Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods
There are 3 folders with 12 files init.lua and db.sqlite3 folder utilities with AIControl.lua, Cron.lua, GameHUD, GameUI.lua  and TargetingHelper.lua folder languages and folder Objects all must be in folder SellCarMod
Ingame: Open Cyber Engine Console -> Hotkeys -> Bind keys YES, NO, Take, Ok, Talk, Cycle App Fwd/Bkw and Untrack to keys you want
(I used Numpad 1, 2, 3,  #, Return, Numpad 4 and Numpad 6) -> HIT SAVE
Dont use keys that already used by game like F !!

Before you update mod open console export cars with settings menu Save!! Make backup of db.sqlite3 file! The backup is only to have a copy of database if something goes wrong! Use the db.sqlite3 from download!
Copy all files and folders from archive to mod dir (Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\SellCarMod).
Start game load save and open console. Press Load button in Settings window to restore your owned cars.
Now quit game. Start new load save and after a short time all cars must be seen in carlist.

Special thanks to:



keanuWheeze for his cool Object Spawner

50ShadesOfMyCow for the CP2077 english language
Cylab13 for the french translation
gardus01 for help me fix some errors
CP2077 Modding Community (Discord)
Cyber Engine Tweaks Team (

Thx and enjoy ;-)

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