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With this mod you can sell your stolen cars to a garage.
You can get missions from Dakota to steal a special car.
Get stolen Cars to your own car list.

Permissions and credits
You can sell your stolen cars to a garage in the badlands.
See the screenshots for the position of dakota's garage.

Drive the car inside the garage and then choose yes to sell it.
Use the left garage where you can drive in fully until car stops.
Leave car to get the money.

NEW in Version 0.5:
Go to Dakota look at her press talk button (you have to define in Cyber Engine Console!)
Then she will give you a mission with car model and place to find ( see screenshot for example)
If you accept go to location break car doors jump in and bring to Dakotas garage like all other cars you steal.
For some locations you have to search a little until you find the mission object ;-)
Finish mission and collect reward.
When you accepted the mission you can use talk button to see mission informations also you can abort the mission there.

New in Version 0.7
Take stolen car to your own.
If you found a car you like and you will have in your player own car list like the ones you can normal buy.
Steal car go to Dakota's garage choose Take instead of Yes for sell.
Then go to Dakota speak with her. She will show you the price you have to pay and after a while you get a message to collect the car.
Go back to Dakota talk with her and the car is yours.
Atm the pictures of the cars in list will not allways fit to the car you got. If I find a fix I will change this.

More cars and locations for the Steal Car Missions
Some are not easy to find ;-)
Atm there are 13 types of noble cars to steal and 17 locations. More locations will come!

Also now you can scan the cars with the normal scanner. If the car is the right mission object you will get a message.

Stolen cars have now a different price. If you sell small car you get less money than if you sell a noble car.

You can set a key to untrack the yellow questmarker. So more clean map and if you set own marker better to see the way.

If you change car radio is turned off by default. I will make a button to change this option in later version.

You can navigate in windows with arrow keys and accept with space or use the keys you can bind in CET.

Vehicles like Behemoth, Wastedisposal, Biohazzard or other trucks will not work atm!!

This is a WIP errors can occur!

Be sure you have Game Patch 1.12 and CET Ver. 1.11.4 or above installed!!

Atm you will get 1,000 €$ for small, 3,000 €$ for medium and 5,000 €$ for noble car's
10,000 €$ for special steal car mission.
If you take car to own it costs 10k €$ for small, 20k €$ for med and 30k €$ for noble.

Future Plans:
- I would like to adjust the prices to the respective car class (done)
- More garages where you can sell the stolen cars
- Repair your car at the garage
- Change painting or appearance of your car
- Get stolen Car to your owned cars (done)
- Make special place to sell stolen trucks
- Street Creds for missions and sold cars
- Reputation will be increased with each successful mission so you can get better missions and special items
- Make cars need fuel. So you have to use CHOOH2 stations to fuel up car
- Get mission form Dakota bring special car (done)
- Localization to most languages


First Install and configure Cyber Engine Tweaks: Cyber Engine Tweaks (Use the latest version !!)
Then extract this mod to game directory (Cyperpunk 2077) or copy the folder SellCarMod to Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods
There are 2 files init.lua and db.sqlite3 both mus be in folder SellCarMod
Ingame: Open Cyber Engine Console -> Hotkeys -> Bind keys YES, NO, Take, Untrack and Talk to keys you want (I used Numpad 1, 2, 3 and #) -> HIT SAVE

Special thanks to:



CP2077 Modding Community (
Cyber Engine Tweaks Team (

Thx and enjoy ;-)

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