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Upgrade Crafting, Upgrade, and Quickhack Components to next tier automatically.

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REQUIRES Cyber Engine Tweaks

----- Version 3 - Alternative Upgrade Costs -----
Whilst playing a Crafting focused character I realised that you actually get a steady reduction in crafting costs as your Crafting Level goes up which isn't explained anywhere so I did some digging and found that the game gives just over 0.5% cost reduction per crafting level above level 1 (and ignores the level 3, 4 and 11 perks which supposedly give 5% cost reduction at each of those crafting levels).

Of course, 0.5% won't make much of a difference to something that costs 10 to craft in the first place so I decided to change the code so it rolls a % chance for each component used to do the upgrade.

This means that if you are converting 10 Common to 1 Uncommon component, it will roll for each of the 10 components used and when it makes the roll it doesn't use the component.

So, for example, at Level 11 Crafting there is a 5.3% chance per component that it won't be used, so you might see something like:
AutoComponentUpgrade: 8x Common > 1x Uncommon 
(where the 5.3% chance was successfully rolled twice during the upgrade).

It's seamless and the net result is that as you level Crafting the upgrading will steadily get a little cheaper, which feels more satisfying as you level up. 

Using this method, the Cost Optimization perk, simply adds another 15% or 30% to that free chance, and Ex Nihilo adds 20%.

At level 20 with both Cost Optimization and Ex Nihilo, upgrading components will end up using 60% less components, on average, which is substantial. It will never be completely free (well, unless you get incredibly lucky), but the net result over time will be the same as with the Vanilla system.

Note, in order to counterbalance how powerful this can be I have also added a very small chance that you fumble and lose a component in the process, the chance is set at 0.25% but very occasionally you will see something like 11x Common > 1 Uncommon. Lovely RNG!

The original system (for those that prefer it) can be toggled back on in the init.lua by changing the following line to false:
useAltCost = true
-----  -----  -----  -----  -----  -----


Will automatically upgrade Crafting, Upgrade, and Quickhack components to next tier, at a ratio of 10x -> 1x (same as the Vanilla skill, Tune Up).

The mod will keep the following amount of components before upgrading.

             Crafting    Upgrade   Quickhack
Common     400      -       -
Uncommon   350      -      350
Rare       300     350     300
Epic       250     250     250

So, for example, once you reach 410 (400 + 10) Common Crafting components, it will convert 10 Common to 1 Uncommon Crafting component.

Max Limits
There are upper targets for upgrading components, at which point the mod won't upgrade any more. These levels are at:

                   Crafting     Upgrade    Quickhack
Max Rare       350       -       350
Max Epic       300      350      300
Max Legendary  250      250      250

All of these values can be edited in the init.lua.

Experience (XP)
By default, your character will receive XP at 50% the rate you would gain for using Tune Up. This changes to 100% if the character has unlocked Tune Up. The advantage of not requiring Crafting Lvl 16, and the ease of the automation seem to be a fair trade off.

This can be edited in the init.lua - see Advanced Options, below.

SKILLS - Tune-Up
By default, the mod works whether the character has the Tune-Up skill or not.

There is an option to turn on a requirement for the skill in the config file (see Advanced Options below). However, note, if this is changed then the mod will effectively be doing nothing until the character acquires that skill.

SKILLS - Cost Optimization and Ex Nihilo - these act differently in the AltCost system (see above)
If the character has unlocked these skills, they will be automatically applied to the auto convert process.

Cost Optimization reduces the upgrade ratio - to 9x -> 1x (at tier 1), and 7x -> 1x (at tier 2).

Ex Nihilo provides a 20% chance of a conversion being free, so with this perk unlocked you might start seeing conversions in the console like
Common x10 -> Uncommon x2(which implies that the first upgrade happened for free, so it simply did the upgrade again, yielding a total of 2 of the upgraded component).

If you are using Dehuman's Auto Upgrading Crafting Components mod then...

* *  REMOVE 'Auto Upgrading Crafting Components' BEFORE INSTALLING THIS MOD!  * *
(Also, if manually installing, delete 'db.sqlite3' and 'Auto Component Upgrade.log' in that directory - if you haven't deleted the directory.)

If not already using Dehuman's mod then, much more simply...

Extract the contents of the archive to your Cyberpunk directory, or use Vortex.

If using Vortex make sure you are running with 'Hardlink Deployment', not 'Symlink Deployment'. In order for Hardlink deployment to be available the Vortex Staging Folder must be on the same drive as your Cyberpunk installation.

No affect on save games, so enable/disable as you please.

It won't convert while you are in combat, and will be paused during menus too (inventory, journal, etc).

Once you pick up any item, and immediately after combat, it will pause a little while (about 20 secs) before doing the conversion so that you can collect all the items in the local area. Predominantly, this is to stop spam in the CET console as it shows all the conversions in there.

Every time you pick up another item the timer will start again, but...

NB: money and ammo do NOT count as items as far as adding to inventory is concerned.

Advanced Options

You can turn off the pause, so it just converts on the fly. In order to do so, edit the init.lua so that:
useFullWait = true  -->  useFullWait = false

Disabling Auto Convert for Specific Component Types
If you don't want to automatically upgrade standard Crafting Components, Upgrade Components, or Quickhack Components, these can be disabled with the following entries in the init.lua:
doComponents = true
doUpgradeCmp = true
doQuickhacks = true

Experience Config
Experience is configured in init.lua via the following values:
giveXP = true
xpFactor = 0.5

The first item simply enables XP gain for crafting components. xpFactor is the ratio of XP gained (compared to Vanilla) if the character doesn't have Tune-Up.

If you want the mod to convert automatically only if your character has the Tune-Up skill then change the first entry here to true.
requireTuneUp = false
xpTuneUp = 1.0
useOptimization = true
useNihilo = true

The xpTuneUp value is the xpFactor applied if the character has the Tune-Up skill. It does not matter whether requireTuneUp is true or false.
So, by default, the character will gain 50% (0.5) until they unlock Tune-Up, at which point it becomes 100% (1.0).

The last two, simple allow you to disable the relevant skills in the Auto Convert process should you wish.

Alt Cost System
From v3 the mod uses a per component calculation for cost optimization, this can be disabled by switching the following to false:
useAltCost = true

Cost Fix - is another alternative that I was playing with but eventually decided to not pursue, and simply reduces the cost of upgrading components by one at Level 8 Crafting, and another one at Level 17 Crafting. This is to compensate for the cost reduction a character would naturally get as they level up Crafting.

So upgrade costs will be (without the Cost Optimization perk):
Level 1 to 7 : 10x 
Level 8 to 16: 9x
Level 17+    : 8x

It won't work at the same time as the Alt Cost system, but I've left it here for those that prefer a closer to Vanilla experience. It can be toggled on by changing to the following:
useAltCost = false
useCostFix = true

It will log the conversions to the CET console, and send a notification there when the mod is active. These can be turned off in init.lua, by changing the following to false.
showActiveMsg = true
showConvertMsg = true

If you turn off the 'showConvertMsg' you might as well turn off the 'useFullWait' too, as there would be no real point to it.

Upgrade Ratio and Limits
It is possible to change the upgrade ratio (default: 10x -> 1x) and the limits of components to keep should you want.

These should be fairly self-explanatory in the init.lua file.

Author Notes
As is probably very obvious from all of the above: this is very much a continuation of the concept from Dehuman's Auto Upgrading Crafting Components. And huge thanks go to him/them for nudging me back into modding.

Thanks also to Psiberx, from the CET team, whose excellent GameUI utility I am now using to streamline the game state detection code. Fantastic work.

Anything that helps my addiction to gathering loot, keeps things relevant, but helps manage the pain of inventory management always feels like a good thing to me!

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