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Alternative death scenarios for a more immersive experience

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Death Alternative

Death Alternative is a mod that intends to create an immersive alternative for the death screen. Instead of just dying and reloading, you can now continue playing as normal, but dealing with the consequences of your actions if you die, through multiple "death" scenarios.

Available Scenarios

As the mod is still in its early stages, the only scenario right now is to buy a life insurance package from the Trauma Team building. You have 3 available packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each with its own perks and prices.

By activating a life insurance package, every time you die, you will be asked if you want the Trauma Team to revive you, or if you just want to die and go back to the old native death scenario of reloading a previous save. Activating the life insurance package doesn't cost any money, but you will be required to have enough money to revive on that package when you die, or the Trauma Team will cancel your insurance and you will have to die the old way.

Once you successfully revive, Trauma Team will place you in a Hotel Room until you fully recover from your injuries, and you are then free to roam the streets of Night City again

The life insurance packages can be activated by looking at any of the main doors of the trauma team building (check video)

Planned Features

  • Adding debuffs to the player upon death. Type and time depending on the activated life insurance package
  • Alternative scenario if no life insurance package is enabled. I'm thinking about waking in the trash outside night city, with all your equipment stripped and possibly a quest to get your gear back.

How To Use

Just walk to any of the main entrance doors of the Trauma Team building, and a menu should pop-up for you to show which package you want to enable. In order to navigate/activate the options, you can either enable the console and select the options with your mouse, or you can navigate it using the arrow keys on your keyboard and use the space key to select the option.

There is also a hotkey you need to bind in order to be able to exit the hotel room. I'll be adding a compatible version with my other mod, Unlock NightCity, so you don't have to bind an extra key if you use both mods :)


If you want to remove the mod, it's very important you follow these steps, or you will become immortal forever.

After you remove the mod from your list, open the console and type in the following command:

Game.GetGodModeSystem():DisableOverride(Game.GetPlayer():GetEntityID(), "SecondHeart")

Known Issues

  • Dying inside a vehicle will not trigger the Death Alternative Scenario. If the vehicle explodes, it immediately triggers the native death screen and if you just happen to die inside, when teleporting the player, the car will go with him. I haven't been able to figure out how to sort any of those, so this is a bit of a limitation at the moment.
  • Killzones will not trigger the Death Alternative scenario. Seems like killzones bypass the user mortality status and go straight to the death screen :/
  • I've had some strange CTD's when dying inside a vehicle and trying to reload the save, tho some users reported that this is not an issue for them. Please let me know if it happens to you too.


A huge shoutout to the amazing modders at CP77 Modding Tools Discord for all the support and knowledge share, as well as tools provided that makes all of this possible.