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A Mod Manager for enabling and disabling CyberEngineTweaks based mods in-game. And run your dofile() script mods without typing any command.

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CyberEngineTweaks Mod Manager now supports multiple languages!


Help me to translate CyberEngineTweaks Mod Manager if you want your language to be supported!

You can edit the language file in cet_mod_manager\lang\ and send me a copy of your translation.
Or you can make a pull request on github if you know how to do that.

The default font of CET only support English alphabets, you need to change the font to one that supports your language!
Open \Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\config.json with a text editor, edit font_path
(for example: "font_path": "C:\\Windows\\Fonts\\simhei.ttf" )

This mod requires CyberEngineTweaks Mod 1.9.2

CyberEngineTweaks Mod Manager


  • A Mod Manager for CyberEngineTweaks based mods
  • Enable/Disable CyberEngineTweaks based mods inside the game with a single click
  • Run your favorite "Dofile()" mods with a click of a button. (Thanks for greggproops's suggestion)
  • Open the mod folders directly from the game. (Thanks for digitalbarrito's suggestion)
  • Toggle automatically scan mods after game launch (Also digitalbarrito's suggestion)
  • Open the mod manager interface by pressing a hotkey of your choosing
  • Open the dofile mod interface by pressing a hotkey of your choosing



  • This mod requires CyberEngineTweaks Mod 1.9.2 . Please Install it first.
  • CyberEngineTweaks 1.9.2 only support Cyberpunk 2077 ver1.1 so make sure your game is up to date
  • Put cet_mod_manager folder inside \Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\
  • Restart the game. Or reload Mods from the CyberEngineTweaks Console. 


  1. To use it, you need to bind keys inside Cyber Engine Tweaks. And press the hotkey when the console is closed to open the interface.
  2. Press the button Scan to scan your installed mods. (Set the game to Borderless Windows mode to avoid being thrown out to the desktop.)
  3. Tick/untick the checkbox in front of the mod name to enable/disable them.
  4. Press the Reload ALL Mods button on the console to reload the mods.
  5. To run your dofile() script mods, put the .lua files inside \cet_mod_manager\dofiles\ , you can open the folder by pressing the Dofile Folder button.
  6. After putting the .lua files inside the "dofiles\" folder, press the "Scan" button again to refresh it.
  7. Press the Run button in front of the scripts that you want to run without typing a single command.
  8. You can delete the example scripts if you want.


CybeerEngineTweaks Mod Manager BraindanceProtocol Plugin 1.0


  1. Before you uninstall this mod, make sure you have re-enabled all the mods.
  2. Remove the cet_mod_manager folder from \Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\
  3. Restart the game. Or reload Mods from the CyberEngineTweaks Console.
*To uninstall CyberEngineTweaks please follow its uninstall instruction. 

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