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New Game Plus / Manage Builds / Respec / Get items, vehicles, edit facts and more just by typing the in-game name in the search bar

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A Cyberpunk 2077 mod for managing player builds in the form of spec files containing player experience, attributes, skills, perks, and equipment, with useful extra features.

New Game Plus
— Transfer your character and equipment between playthroughs
— Try each life path while keeping the experience

Build Management
— Create, store and try different builds switching them on the fly while playing
— Replay the same mission with different abilities and equipment
— Share builds with others

Character Respec
— Adjust your Attributes levels
— Restore all spent Perk Points to redistribute them

Quick Tweaks
— Access items and functions just by typing the in-game name in the search bar
— Spawn weapons, clothing, cyberware, consumables and misc items (cat food, painting, etc.)
— Equip spawned items (especially useful for cyberware)
— Get item packs (stash wall weapons, iconic weapons, clothing sets, etc.)
— Scale items up to your current level
— Unlock all slots for clothing items
— Remove quest marks from the items
— Get money, ammo and crafting components
— Unlock crafting recipes
— Add vehicles to the garage
— Check and manipulate game facts


1. Download the release archive.
2. Extract it into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder.

You should have "<Cyberpunk 2077>/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods/respector" directory now.

You can get Cyber Engine Tweaks from the official GitHub:


The mod window opens with the Cyber Engine Tweaks console, which is usually opened with the backtick (`) or tilde (~) key.

If you want to hide the mod window for a while, you can collapse the window. The position and state of the window will be remembered.

Save / Load

Here you can save and load specs, choose the options for saving specs and see recent history.

To get New Game Plus experience, you need to save a spec in one playthrough and load that spec in another playthrough. This will transfer your character and equipment from one playthrough to another.

By default, spec files are stored in the "specs" directory of the mod.


Here you can reset Perk Points, like with the TABULA E-RASA shard, and respec the Attributes.
Lowering an Attribute will lower the corresponding Skills and reset the Perks, which requirements are no longer met.


Here you can switch the operating mode. If you are using a character that exceeds the base game limits and are using other mods that exceed the base game capabilities, then you will probably need to enable Unlimited Mode in order for the mod to properly handle your build.

Quick Tweaks

Hitting green button will open another window with Quick Tweaks.

Start the search by typing in your query or by selecting a recent search from the list. Middle clicking on the recent search will remove it from the list.

You can find a different kind of things in the database. For example, weapons that you can produce right there or unlock for crafting.

Another example is a vehicle that you can unlock for yourself if you haven't done so before:

Also, you can find game facts. They indicate what you have done or can do.

The classic cheat is also there:

Some items can be found by group tags. For example, to find all parts of the Corpo Set outfit you can use simple request:

Or get the whole pack at once:

There are also a couple of simple hacks:

Advanced usage

The main concept of the mod is the spec file, which can contain character level, street cred, attributes, skills and their progression, perks, unused points, equipped gear (weapons, clothing, attachments, mods, quick use items), equipped cyberware (with mods and quickhacks), backpack items, crafting components, crafting recipes, vehicles. The spec files are human readable and designed to be created and edited manually. Saved specs provide useful meta information about entities like in-game names and categories, some stats, full description of the perks with stats for each level, etc. This makes editing spec files much easier. Here is the example of the spec file created by the mod.

There are some examples of how this abilities might be used:

- Adjust your character with fine-grain control
- Create build variations faster then through the in-game process
- Store and load different perks for retesting after the patch
- Store and load sets of items with the mods for retesting after the patch
- Quickly add to the inventory or equip items when modding models or textures

Beside declarative syntax the spec format also allows scripting. Here is the example of the scripted spec that for every legendary clothing mod creates a clothing item filled with that mod in every slot.

If you interested in editing spec files and using console commands of the mod, please, visit the GitHub repository and contact me on the CP77 Modding Community Discord. Also feel free to contact me if you think the mod can be improved for use in your case.


- yamashi, WSSDude420 and Cyber Engine Tweaks team
- WolvenKit, WopsS, rfuzzo, Rick Gibbed, PixelRick and all researchers
- NLDW#1337, clairepliz4647, all contributors to public spreadsheets and wikis