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E3 2018

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I tried to reproduce the same look we had in demo 2018. There were many hours of dedication, errors, tests and a few days of work! Over time, I plan to update, correct some things, improve others and so on

- This mod simple change the lighting using the game's engine closer to what we saw in E3 Demo


I present to you the new version of the MOD, which gave me a LOT of work to do!

Will no longer use .ini file as I made the settings directly in env (WolvenKit is wonderful)
This version is much closer to the demo, because it uses the same LUT they used (keep in mind that they changed a lot of things, like textures, sun position and 3D models)
Of course, it still needs a few tweaks here and there, but I'm happy to share it with you. No, I won't change anything that doesn't involve something similar to Demo, as that's the whole point of the mod, try to imitate the demo


Fixed an issue that consumed a lot of Vram and caused low FPS in downtown
Fixed a high bloom issue with rainy weather when exiting any tunnel
Added new missing values from demo broken env
Improved the brown tint of global illumination
Removed all cirrus glowing clouds (Not present in the demo, only in the final game)
Light Clouds is now smoother
Fixed an issue with rain and puddles appearing low quality
Fixed an issue where driving in the rain could not see anything at night
Added missing textures on asphalt
Map Luminance Clamp is original (Vanilla)
Textures are back to 4K without performance loss

HUD and UI 2018 

- Re-added textures and some improvements in E3 2018 UI and HUD

To complement, use this mod and it will be the perfect combination

E3 Icons Remastered (Hud and Map)

Special thanks to
Knochey for providing his files for the mod merge so everyone can use both in one package


Any problems, please report, but something that has to do with global lighting and not characters, cars, pedestrians etc...
To programmers, there is a VERY important variable that I need to add to env, but I'm not having success with json, so if anyone knows how to do it or wants to help, just send me a private message so we can together restore this option that will give MOD a new face even closer to the demo


• Fixed the performance issue of the previous version, where the game when loading the textures, lost about 15 FPS
It kept the high quality of the textures, without affecting the FPS

• Added new variables exactly as in the demo env (it is broken)
• Added lighting improvements
• Added vignette improvements
• Fixed some minor issues with Motion Blur
• Added Eye Adaptation Auto Exposure
• Added new asphalt textures, to better fit the lighting and adapt with the new color palette, thus reminiscent of the demo (Credits and special thanks to this guy madeofoil, for helping me with this)

• used original env settings from the demo
• Added the same chromatic aberration
• Fixed issue with water fog and made other adjustments
• Increased saturation matching demo
• Increased gamma matching demo
• Added the same clouds configuration, which made them whiter
• Added a little more brown to the color palette
Increased saturation a little
Added a gamma equal to the demo (remembering that, they now use an env for everything and in the demo it was an env for each corner)
Made the shadows "softer"

The previous version was a BETA, this version is now well finished, but there will always be improvements here and there
Tried to get as close to the demo as possible!
I still haven't figured out how to change the water color or if it will be possible

I would also like to thank Noxide for being patient with testing various builds in development
New thanks to these two guys

Special thanks to BabaBooey as he showed me where to tweak some things

And to elaymm4, for letting me use his HUD E3 files to try to update (He won't do any more updates for the mod)

TheSky2411 and Vattier(CDPR)

And thanks to everyone who contributed via Paypal, thanking you for all the work I put into this mod


- Ideas and suggestions are welcome. You can post everything here: CDPR Forum 

Special thanks:

elaymm4BabaBooeyAlcardaalphaZomega, Essenthy, Dravic

- and the entire Cyberpunk modding community



I will no longer accept "supposed" user improvements to the .ini file, without first proving that it was your creation. I had some issues with a user, who I won't reveal his name here (I believe it is not allowed to mark it), who had edited the .ini file and sent it to me on Discord, claiming it was an improvement and could be posted with his permission, but some time later, it was discovered that the .ini (a few lines) was from someone (author original), where he apologized to me for his impulsiveness and per a few words that were said without first explaining what his frustration was about. We talked and reached an agreement, where I could even keep the file here, but out of respect for it, I won't do that, but I'll leave it in recommended mods so that you can download his work and use it on your own. That said, thanks everyone for FeedBacks, help etc...
The .ini file contained, is the same that was released with the mod in its creation back in January

- Likes my work? You can buy me a Coffee

>> PayPal <<


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↪ Saturation removed, Brightness adjusted, Excessive red adjusted, Sharpening removed, Film grain removed, Fog adjusted, Bloom adjusted, Improved lighting 

-  All of the above, was done in the env. Other adjustments were made to the .ini file 



Copy to the following path:

- Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod


Big thanks to rfuzzo for providing the CP77Tools and to Cyberpunk Discord Modding community.