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Phantom Liberty Vanilla refits for Hyst's "Enhanced Big Breast" and "Enhanced Big Breast with Big Booty" bodies.

Permissions and credits
(Before Phantom Liberty)


First, don't forget to install Hyst's Body sculpt mod -> Enhanced Big Breasts - BODY MOD

1) Download the file you need (NOT both at the same time).

2) Drag the ".archive" file into Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod


This is a V 1.0, I will update this mod when needed (for some clipping corrections, borked decals etc).



Compatible with All Vanilla Clothes Atelier Store
• My archives are named Y_Sneaky_EBB/Y_Sneaky_EBBRB so you won't have mods conflicting if you already have a modded garment.
DO NOT RENAME the archives to avoid conflicts.
I am aware about the missions outfits, the bandoleers and chest holsters not being refitted, they're a bit hard to do (but they're on the wheels).

Booba-Booty specifics:

• Long shirts may clip through the body and some pants.
• Some jackets can have minor clipping through refitted pants (Will be adjusted soon).


♥ If you like my mod you can support me on Ko-fi ♥ 


Thanks to Hyst for helping me and trusting me with this project  ♥