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A Get Out Of Jail Free Card! Auto heal when low on health ONCE per combat - though there are more generous options available.

Permissions and credits
REQUIRES Cyber Engine Tweaks

The first time you drop below 30% health in a combat, the mod will automatically, and simultaneously use:
 - one MaxDoc Mk 1, and
 - one BounceBack Mk 2  (if you have one, Mk 1, otherwise).

This will give you a sudden hit of health, and a regen to help you work out how you managed to get yourself in so deep and maybe think of a slightly different strategy - or maybe just run away.

The mod will then go into hibernation until you have left Combat status by either killing everything threatening you, or hiding for long enough.

(note: I found the Mk1 Max Doc, and the Mk2 BounceBack are plentiful enough through the game and give a solid health and regen hit. You can always save higher level inhalers for manual use. If you prefer to use only the Mk1 BounceBack then there is a configuration option for that.)

NB: You must be in combat. It won't activate if you throw yourself off a tall building!

It will pretty much instantly apply at the moment your health is low enough, but there are still encounters where that's not enough to save you in time. So you still have to be a little careful!

It's a single file, so you can either extract the archive to your Cyberpunk directory, or use Vortex. Both will work fine.
No affect on save games, so enable/disable as you please.

Advanced Options
Well, yes, there's a cheat mode  - you can turn off the ONCE per combat limitation but the level of unbalance starts to become quite noticeable.
At the top of the init.lua file are some configuration options:

Specifically, change :
oncePerCombat = true  -->  false

To enforce the use of the Mk 1 BounceBack, and prevent the use of the Mk2 version, change the following entry:
useMk2BB = true  -->  useMk2BB = false

By default, it will display a warning banner when the AutoHeal is used, and again when it is ready for use (at Combat end). It will also log the usage to the console in Cyber Engine Tweaks. And, finally, will send a notification to the console to say the mod itself is active and working.

All of these can be turned off in the init.lua, changing these to false as you desire (which is which is detailed in the init.lua file):
showActiveMsg = true
showHealingMsg = true
showHealAlert = true

Staying Fed
Finally, there is an option to take this one step further, and automatically consume food as necessary to keep your health at 100% out of combat.

However, in order to achieve this, a simplification is necessary where all your food gets converted to one specific food.

The specific food, is 'Cat Food' - yeah, I know, not the most appealing of food stuffs - but there is a gameplay reason why that's the best one to use to convert everything to! Trust me!

There are other mods that also convert food automatically, and hopefully, they have also chosen 'Cat Food' as the delicacy of choice. I know Simplified Inventory has done this.

If you use another mod to convert your food, then great - you'll just need to turn on:
useFood = true

However, if you need the AutoHeal mod to do the conversion too then ALSO change:
convertFood = true

Compatibility ( & Inspiration )
Firstly, and obviously, this won't work with any other mod trying to auto use healing inhalers - or, at best, would probably see you use two every time one was needed.

Much of my inspiration for this mod came from Simplified Inventory and, my goodness, do I have a ton of respect for what the author has achieved with that mod. It's a simply staggering achievement of work. But I wanted to be a little more specific in my handling of auto heal and take away the processing from a mod that already does so much.

Having said which, if you use both mods, then make sure you turn off any automatic healing in that one.

For the food usage, the food conversion is probably best handled by Simplified Inventory if only to keep all the 'inventory management' stuff in one place; but there is virtually no difference in how they are coded so the choice is yours. Just don't let both mods try to do the exact same thing!

It's been a while since I've done much modding, and I very, very rarely upload anything to Nexus. Both CDPR with Cyberpunk, and a few dedicated  and outstanding modders on these pages have inspired me to do something about that. I've spent the last couple of weeks busily writing several mods for CP2077 (complete with a couple of run throughs of the game, just for 'balancing' purpose of course!), ultimately for my own use, but which I may or may not get around to uploading here. But I want to say thanks to some of the mods and modders that inspired me to relearn LUA and got my programming mind a buzz once more.

At this point, there are probably code ideas, snippets, and simply ways of doing things that are definitely taken from those mods as I tried to work out how things work again - it takes a lot of fuel to get my old brain cells back into something I haven't done with a vengeance since the days of Morrowind!! I've applied some performance and structure ideals of my own - but these guys are brilliant. So honourable mention to:

Simplified Inventory - by 'andwhat112'
Auto Upgrading Crafting Components - by 'Dehuman'

Lastly, performance, and error-free running are priorities to me. Hopefully, you will find absolute minimal to no impact on your game's performance from any mod I upload, but I know there are always exceptions. Apologies if your experience is one of them.

My Other Mods
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