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Tracks and rewards Ghost, Pacifist, No-Touch, and more objectives for almost every quest and gig. Adds an all-new stealth-focused perk tree to unlock new abilities such as Pickpocketing. Unlock new items including new variations of Optical Camo. Inspired by games like Deus Ex and Dishonored.

Updated for patch 2.1!

Permissions and credits
Updated for patch 2.1! Phantom Liberty quests still don't have Stealthrunner objectives, but will in the next big update I'll be working on.

The core of this mod is a system that adds stealth-related objectives to every applicable main quest, side/minor quest, gig, and NCPD scanner hustle. The aim is to motivate and reward stealthy gameplay, enhancing the vanilla experience by tracking these objectives as rewarding challenges to complete. It is not an overhaul of existing stealth gameplay (significantly changing enemy AI would be a whole other mod - and not easy), but it makes it more fun to play the stealth game that's already there.

By completing those objectives you get XP, Street Cred, Headhunter XP, money, and recipes (depending on the objective). Completing enough of each type also unlocks rewards including perk points, access to new cyberware at ripperdocs, recipes for new iconic weapons (one now, more to come), and access to perks in the included Stealthrunner perk tree.

Stealthrunner Objectives
  • Ghost: Avoid being detected by enemies (entering into combat). This is enabled on most missions. If being detected is forced by the game then this will be disabled.
  • Shadow: Avoid arousing suspicion (enemies noticing you at all or finding bodies). Attacking enemies from stealth and failing to incapacitate them quickly will fail this objective. Having your hacks traced too much will fail this objective. New in 1.1.0: detection bars need to be 50% full to fail Shadow (value is configurable)
  • Pacifist: Don't kill any human enemies (or civilians) linked to the mission. Mechs, androids, and drones can be destroyed (we assume the mech pilot survives).
  • No-Touch: Avoid attacking enemies in any way (covert quickhacks and pickpocketing are allowed). Targets who must be attacked to complete a gig are exempt (but the objective will be disabled for gigs with just one target, such as cyberpsychos)
  • Hero: Complete quests and gigs where innocent civilians are at risk without allowing them to die and while incapacitating all enemies threatening the victims. Gig targets for rescue are not considered victims for this objective. This only applies to missions where the civilian is being held hostage or attacked by enemies (almost all are NCPD scanner hustles). In some cases the enemies are scripted to kill the civilian(s) if you don't intervene, but completing any mission with a victim where no victim is killed will earn you the Hero objective. Missions where there are civilians going about their business do not count. If you decide to shoot up a bar then you're the one putting them at risk. Missions with invincible civilians don't count.

Immediate Rewards for completing each objective:
  • Ghost/Shadow: Money, Headhunter XP
  • Pacifist: XP, Street Cred
  • No-Touch: XP, Street Cred, Headhunter XP
  • Hero: Money, random weapon recipe (recipe rarity is randomized but weighted toward better rarity if you have the required crafting perks)

Objectives are displayed underneath the normal objectives for a quest. For side quests and gigs with multiple steps, the Stealthrunner objectives usually aren't visible until you reach the combat part of the mission. Objectives may also be completed before the quest is over, if the part where combat is possible is over. For quests with bosses, if the boss is skippable (e.g. Royce) then the objectives will include the boss fight, meaning if you choose combat, you will fail Ghost and No-Touch. For non-skippable bosses like Oda the Stealthrunner objectives will be completed just before the boss fight.

Not all quests have all objectives. Cyberpsycho gigs for example will not have No-Touch available, and will only have Ghost and Shadow if it is actually possible to sneak up on them. It's also common that not all available objectives can be completed together. In gigs with Hero available, you need to take out enemies (failing No-Touch) to complete Hero. Some quests have forced combat when you walk into a certain area, unless you've already taken out the enemies. In those cases you can get Ghost/Shadow or No-Touch, but not both. There are no objectives on missions that don't have enemies, have only a single turret or drone (in some cases), have scripted combat, etc.

If you think I've made a mistake somewhere, let me know!

If all Stealthrunner objectives are failed, the text will turn red and say so:

If you successfully complete one or more Stealthrunner objectives, the completed objectives and any special rewards for reaching a milestone will be displayed in the top left of the HUD underneath the health bar area:

By default you can also fail an objective for the last gig/quest you completed after it has been completed (for instance if you complete an NCPD gig by looting the evidence, and then are spotted by the enemies. When you fail an objective post completion, a notification like this will appear.

Stealthrunner Stats, Rewards, and Perks in the HUB menu

This mod adds a new page to the HUB menu:


The bars on the left side track your progress towards rewards (5 per objective type), unlocked by completing Stealthrunner objectives. Hover over each one to see the reward:

Each level of each objective offers a perk point, and some of them also offer access to new items. More items will be added to this mod over time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The amounts of each objective to complete (e.g. 100 Ghost objectives for the 5th Ghost reward) are reduced if you start using the mod partway through the game, to give you a chance to get most of the rewards no matter when you start using it. The reduction is based on your level at the time that you start using the mod, and can be turned off or modified in the mod menu. By default, if you start at level 50, the reward thresholds are all reduced by 50%, at level 25 the reduction is 25%, etc.

Item Rewards:
  • Ghost:
    • Reward 2: Arasaka Lurker Camo cyberware is available at Ripperdocs
    • Reward 3: Wind (silent Ashura) crafting recipe
  • Shadow:
    • Reward 2: Biotechnica Parasitic Camo cyberware is available at Ripperdocs
  • Pacifist:
    • Reward 2: Smart Weapon Jammer cyberware is available at Ripperdocs
  • No-Touch:
    • Reward 2: Kiroshi "Guardian" Optics cyberware is available at Ripperdocs

Here are some sample items:


This mod adds 11 (currently!) perks in a new perk tree. Most perks are locked at the start and require a certain number of Stealthrunner objectives to be unlocked. The perks focus on new abilities such as Pickpocketing, rather than stat boosts. Resetting your perks from the Character menu will remove these perks and return the points.

  • Pickpocket (3 levels) - Allows you to loot enemies from behind while undetected. 20% chance of finding an extra item. (pickpocket action time is reduced at levels 2-3)
  • Picksocket (1 level) - Chance of finding an extra item on Pickpocketed enemies is increased by 25%.
  • Socket Spy (1 level) - Enemies carrying shards and access cards are indicated with icons above their heads when you look at them.
  • Jack In (1 level) - Allows you to take control of a surveillance camera when standing next to one, without a Cyberdeck.
  • Featherweight (1 level) - Mine activation time is increased by 100%.
  • Total Concentration (2 levels) - Trace time is increased by 50%. (100% at level 2)
  • Audio Disruption (2 levels) - Reduces footstep sound radius by 50%. (75% and you also land silently at level 2)
  • Console Cowboy (1 level) - If you are not in combat, you will be undetectable while using computer terminals.
  • Cyberninja (2 levels) - Melee attacks don't trigger combat (unless you are seen), and they deal 25% more damage while out of combat or cloaked. (50% at level 2)
  • Energy Shield (3 levels) - Upon entering combat, you take 50% less damage the next 1 time(s) you are hit (expires after 60 seconds).
  • Code Injection (3 levels) - When executing a takedown on a tagged enemy, the closest tagged human enemy on the same network within 8 meters suffers the same effects. 90 second cooldown. (12m, 60 second cooldown at level 2. 3 enemies at level 3)


This section just tracks some fun stats on your lethality, takedowns, dangerous driving, etc.


This mod has a settings menu in the "Mods" menu (via Native Settings UI). There are options for turning on and off some UI elements of the mod, settings for the rewards this mod gives, some stealth difficulty boosting options, and options to change every value for items and perks added by this mod (item options currently disabled, will return in future update). At the bottom are some debug settings (like turning on console logging) that I use and might ask you to turn on if you encounter an issue with the mod.

Cyberware Vendors

All cyberware that becomes available as rewards for completing objectives will be available for sale at all Ripperdocs (as is the case with all cyberware now after patch 2.0), but you may need to wait 24 hours (you can skip time) before the items appear.

I've never had any problem finding my items at vendors, not from this mod or others I've added items in. If you have any issues, it's possible you can have another mod that breaks this functionality if it adds items in a bad way. If you can't find an item you've unlocked for sale, first try skipping time for 24 hours. If that doesn't work, you can manually add the item using the commands in the next section.

Item Console Commands

If you can't find the items for sale or you just want to check out the items without unlocking them, copy and paste these commands into the CET console:

For these items, you can replace "Uncommon" with "Rare", "Epic" or "Legendary":
  • Game.AddToInventory("Items.OpticalCamoLurkerUncommon", 1)
  • Game.AddToInventory("Items.OpticalCamoStaminaUncommon", 1)

For this item, you can replace "Common" with "Uncommon", "Rare", "Epic", or "Legendary":
  • Game.AddToInventory("Items.SmartGunJammerCommon", 1)

Weapon recipes, you can replace "Common" with "Uncommon", "Rare", "Epic" or "Legendary":
  • Game.AddToInventory("Items.Recipe_Common_Silent_Ashura", 1)


Installing the mod is like most others, just extract or copy and paste into the game directory, or use a mod organizer like Vortex or MO2. If uninstalling the mod manually, keep in mind that there are files in 4 different places that make up the mod.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have REDmod conversion turned on in Vortex it will convert the archive part of this mod into a REDmod, meaning you need the REDmod DLC to use the mod. There is no reason for this mod to be a REDmod, it only adds a dependency and offers no benefits for this mod (load order doesn't matter to this mod because everything in the archive is new files).

If you have any issues with the mod because the archive isn't being loaded by REDmod due to a REDmod deployment issue, I can't help you with that - I don't use REDmod or Vortex. If the .archive and .archive.xl files are in "archive/pc/mod/" the way they are packaged in the mod file (i.e. not converted to REDmod), then they will be loaded by the game fine. If they've been converted to a REDmod (they get put in "mods/Stealthrunner/"), the game only loads the files if it's started with REDmod enabled, and the mod needs to be deployed first... I'm not sure how that works, Vortex or the game launcher are supposed to handle it.

If the archive files aren't being loaded by the game, you'll notice text in game like names and descriptions of new status effects and items won't display, as well as some images.

Saved Data

This mod saves playthrough data in two locations: 1) in the save file, and 2) in its own files located at "Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\StealthRunner\sessions". The reason for this is that when I started developing the mod, storing data in the save file wasn't really possible, and didn't seem safe. By now, it's possible and I think more reliable to keep the data in the save file. Now it saves the same data in both locations, using the data in the save file first. There is an option in the debug options (bottom of mod options) to load from the session file data. This is a useful debug tool, a way to alter progression data manually, and a way to recover if something bad happens to the mod data in the save file.

If you ever uninstall this mod and want to save your data, ideally you should keep that folder (if you manage the mod with Vortex it will leave those files behind if you uninstall the mod). If you do a "clean install", "purge", "nuclear option", etc. to fix some problem with your mods, try not to delete that data.

There are no problems with uninstalling the mod and then continuing from a save file made with the mod, or installing the mod and starting to use it with a playthrough in progress. I've also tested saves made using this mod with the Cybercat save editor, and it works fine.

This mod does not break/corrupt saves. You can keep playing after uninstalling this mod, or after patch 2.0 knocks this mod out of commission for months.

WARNING: If you make a save with this mod, and then continue from that save without the mod, you will lose the mod data in your new saves made without the mod. This makes sense: without the mod you can't use the new items the mod introduces, and you won't have the perks from the mod, etc. But keep in mind too that if you reinstall the mod later, you still won't have your old items or Stealthrunner progress including perks. That data has been lost (but is still present in your old saves made with the mod). You will still have perk points you've earned, XP you've earned, money you've earned, etc.

Import/Export Progression Data

To help with the above issue, in version 1.2.0  I added a mod (not whole game) progression import/export option. You can save the Stealthrunner progression (reward levels, quest states, perks, cyberware) from the current playthrough to a file. The option is only available while you have a save loaded, not in the main menu.

The uses for this feature are either:
  • to port your progress over to another playthrough, kind of NG+ style; or
  • what I see as the main use is to recover your Stealthrunner progression after playing for a while without the mod. This should help if a big patch were to drop which made most mods unusable for a while. You can just keep playing without the mod if desired, and then once this mod and all its dependencies have been updated, you can load up your old save that still has the mod data in it, export the progression, then load up your latest save and import the progression. It would also be fine if you did the export in advance of the patch.


This mod has a lot of requirements, please make sure you have them all installed and updated in order to use this mod. They are:
  • redscript
  • Codeware
  • Cyber Engine Tweaks (CET)
  • Native Settings UI
  • red4Ext
  • ArchiveXL
  • TweakXL
  • Input Loader

Game Patches

When ANY patches come out, most of the requirements will need updates. Specifically, red4Ext, ArchiveXL, TweakXL, Codeware, Input Loader, and CET all need to be updated after every major or minor patch. Of those, Input Loader is usually the last to get updated (like 2 days average compared to 1 day or less for the others). You can probably run this mod without Input Loader if you've previously used the mod (uninstall it though), as the extra inputs this mod adds should be saved and used even if Input Loader is not present.

WARNING: as mentioned in the Saved Data section, continuing a playthrough without the mod installed will mean losing your Stealthrunner progression and the mod's items. This means that after a patch you'll need to wait until the mod and all requirements are updated OR use the import/export options mentioned above.

Misc. Gameplay Features

The mod includes some features/bug fixes that aren't a part of the core Stealthrunner systems:
  • Dumping bodies in containers won't cause enemies to die in quests with non-lethal objectives. This applies both for getting the Pacifist objective on quests, as well as for quests that have different outcomes depending on if you kill anyone, such as the monk quest in Watson.

Other Mods

Some of my other mods pair well with this one, such as:
  • Status Bar Bug Fixes is HIGHLY recommended. It is purely bug fixes with the display of buffs/debuffs, and Stealthrunner adds several of those status effects (tied to new items and perks). If you are not using the Status Bar Bug Fixes mod you can notice buffs disappearing from the HUD for no reason.
  • Custom Quickslots (for using optical camo easily)
  • Silent Silencers and Throwing Knives is a stealth-focused mod.

In general this mod should be compatible with most other mods.

Known Issues (all minor)

  • Pickpocketing rarely produces a small animation glitch in the NPC; it can basically reset their stance. If they're just standing around they might just move their gun into another position and then relax again. It can give you a little scare because you think they noticed you :) For most enemies there is no change in their animation at all. It's unlikely I'll ever be able to fix this.
  • The Stealthrunner menu button in the hub can only be selected with the mouse or with controller by using the cursor. Using the dpad on controller will skip over the button. I might be able to fix this later.
  • The Parasitic Camo drains a little bit more stamina at higher frame rates. This is due to how the game handles events that repeat multiple times a second on a timer (e.g. drain X stamina every Y seconds). The drain events don't keep up at low frame rates and the drain rate is slower. I was a bit worried about this when I discovered the issue, but then I tested sprinting stamina drain and found that you can run twice as far at 30 FPS as you can at 60 FPS. Haha. For the camo I played around with the drain amount and drain rate to get something that doesn't look too rough in the stamina bar (smaller drains more often are smoother), but suffers a lot less from FPS differences. So the difference in stamina drain for this camo at different frame rates is much less than the difference for vanilla game sprinting cost.
  • Some of the added UI elements from the mod (like the custom perk tree) don't change colors to Johnny's theme when you are possessed. Super minor as there's only two parts of the game where you can even access the menu as Johnny, but I still might fix this at some point.


For this mod I'd like to keep all translations contained in this single mod, rather than separate translated version that will need to be updated often. Also, there are 3 places the texts are contained, including in an archive file. If you would like to make a translation, please download the "Translation Sources" file from the miscellaneous file section, which contains 3 different files with English text that should be translated into your language. You can send me back the files in a DM here on Nexus, and I'll credit you here for the translation. "Stealthrunner" is envisioned as a profession or specialty like "Netrunner" of "Edgerunner", so it should be translated similarly to how those words are translated in the game/anime.

Current translations:
  • Simplified Chinese by Zo7lin
  • Portuguese by QueridoAsno
  • French by Vikasimar
  • Russian by Viltgans & e256
  • Spanish by Zurent
  • German by panikspatz
  • Italian by S1yRuleZ
  • Polish by Kamallot
  • Traditional Chinese by razer1005
  • Czech by starfis
  • Turkish by OzelHarekaTR
  • Korean by kkaeonline7378

Thanks & Credits

  • Huge thanks to Derisat for playtesting this mod. It's releasing much better because of his help.
  • Thanks to psiberx for several modules I'm using in this mod and for help with several issues; to everyone who's worked on redscript, CET, Wolvenkit; and Input Loader; and everyone on the modding discord.
  • Thanks to BlindOrca/rodikh for the pickpocketing idea. They were working on their own version of a pickpocketing mod which didn't get finished, and later I added a similar feature to this mod.
  • Thanks to brahmax, Busy Oscar, DJ_Kovrik, Yutte Hermsgelvordenbrotborde, v1ld, and PhantumJak for giving feedback on some part of the mod at some point on the modding discord.

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