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Note: Patch 2.0 introduced recharge time and limited charges for healing items, making this mod obsolete, so I've chosen to retire this mod.

Using healing items builds up your "Toxicity" until you "Overdose", requiring you to wait for the effect to wear off before using more inhalers/injectors.

Permissions and credits
This mod idea comes from a request on the modding discord, so credit to Phantum Jak for the suggestion. I like the idea and it reminded me of the Witcher toxicity system, so I've named it after that.

This mod creates a status effect called Toxicity, which you can gain up to X times (configurable, 4 by default), whenever you use a Max Doc or Bounce Back. This works like the drunk effect - each time you use a healing item the stack count of Toxicity increases and the timer is reset to the full duration (30 seconds by default, also configurable). Once you've reached the maximum amount of Toxicity, you get the Overdose status effect and can no longer use Max Doc or Bounce Back items.

The Toxicity effect wears off one stack at a time. You can start using healing items again once Overdose wears off. By default Overdose has the duration of one instance of Toxicity, but there's an option for Hardcore Mode where you have to wait for all Toxicity to wear off.

I recommend installing my mod Status Bar Bug Fixes as well, which fixes a bunch of bugs related to the game systems this mod uses.

Overdose Debuff

There is also an optional debuff attached to having overdose, which gives -50% Max Stamina and +10% Reload Time.

Visual Effects

There is an optional vignette and color alteration for the Toxicity status effect you can turn on in the mod menu. This effect is in the game code for the "Drugged" status effect but I'm pretty sure it's unused since you can't get drugged in the game, except maybe from the single hit of Glitter or whatever Dum Dum has. It has 3 levels, and if you turn it on the 3rd level will apply at max number of Toxicity instances, 2nd level at one less than that, etc.


The mod is configurable with Native Settings UI. Find the settings under the "RMK" or "RMK MODS" tab in the Mods menu:


The entire Mod menu and all status effect names and descriptions in-game are localized to all languages. Let me know if there are any particularly bad translations, especially in the in-game text.


  • Probably not compatible with Full Gameplay Rebalance as it was implemented for patch 1.3, since it had its own solution for limiting healing item use. When that mod is updated for patch 1.5+ I expect that part would not be compatible.
  • Not compatible with Healing System Rework.
  • Any other mods (not sure I know of any others?) that modify the effects of the healing items or implement restrictions on them could have compatibility issues.
  • Fully compatible with my Custom Quickslots mod.


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