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Toggle Walk, Toggle Holster, Lean Left/Right, Cycle Grenades, & Untrack Quest

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Advanced Hotkeys for Cyberpunk 2077 to make it behave like a modern FPS PC game.

  • Walk (Toggle or Hold)
  • Toggle Holster
  • Lean Left/Right (Toggle or Hold)
  • Cycle Grenades Next/Previous
  • Untrack Quest
  • Play Weapon First Equip Animation (optional)
  • Disable CP2077 Auto Lean (optional)


Lean Left/Right
You have to aim down sight and then press the desired hotkey to enter lean left/right state. Lean (Toggle) and Lean (Hold) are in the "Inputs" tab of CET. 

Walk speed matches story NPC walking speed. You can walk slightly faster by sprinting while walking. Walk (Toggle) is in the "Hotkeys" tab and Walk (Hold) in the "Inputs" tab of CET

Disable CP 2077 Auto Lean
Open the "init.lua" file and change the "disableAutoCover = false" to "true". Should look like: disableAutoCover = true

First Equip Animation
Inspect your Weapon by playing the First Equip Animation. Hold the "Reload" button for 2 seconds and release it. The Weapon must be fully reloaded. To disable the feature, open the "init.lua" file and change the "disableFirstEquip = false" to "true". Should look like: disableFirstEquip = true


This mod requires Cyber Engine Tweaks.

Cyber Engine Tweaks:
  • Download Cyber Engine Tweaks
  • Unzip the "plugins" folder and the "global.ini" "version.dll" files in "Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64"
  • To maximize compatibility, make sure to disable any game overlays (Fraps, Afterburner, Discord etc...)
  • Launch the game
  • A window will appear prompting you to choose a keybind to open to Cyber Engine Tweaks overlay
  • Pick any key and save it. The console will open with that key from now on.

Advanced Control Mod:
  • Unzip the "Advanced Control" folder in "Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods"
  • Launch the game
  • Open the Cyber Engine Tweaks Console and click on the "Hotkeys" tab
  • Lean (Toggle) and Lean (Hold) are in the "Inputs" tab
  • Set the prefered hotkeys
  • Remember to save before closing the Console



0.8.1 - 17/12/2021
  • Fixed Lean Hold sending incorrect direction when key was pressed before aiming down sight
  • Fixed potential error in logs when using disableAutoCover (Thanks SeRoMWarez)

0.8 - 13/12/2021
  • Added First Equip Animation (Hold the reload button for 2 seconds and release it. Weapon must be fully reloaded)
  • Enhanced Lean Left / Right logic
  • Added Lean Left / Right compatibility for First Person Camera Mod 0.9

0.7 - 05/12/2021
  • Added CP2077 1.31 Compatibility / Hold Lean / Hold Walk hotfix (Thanks to musicalanvil fork)
  • Enhanced Grenade Cycle logic. Next & previous grenades are now memorized & always consistent
  • Enhanced Lean when in Auto Lean mode. Leaning to right when in Auto Lean will center the camera
  • Added ability to disable CP2077 Auto Lean (change the "disableAutoCover = false" to true in the init.lua file)
  • Cycle Grenades have been disabled when in Menu/Scanner to avoid UI glitch when using mouse scroll
  • Moved Lean (Toggle), Lean (Hold) & Walk (Hold) in the "Inputs" tab on CET
  • Enhanced & cleanup code logic

0.6 - 07/03/2021
  • Fixed Untrack Quest, which now correctly clear the journal log widget
  • Toned down Walk speed to match story NPC walking speed

0.5 - 06/03/2021
  • Initial Release