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Changes camera position while riding any motorcycle and in TPP camera mode.

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UPDATE (07/27/2021):
-You now have 2 camera options (Far and Close, switch pressing 'Q'), you can edit these values to your liking.
-Also added a way to change the camera distance when going fast. By default the camera tends to get farther the faster you go.

If you think that the camera is too far from V while in TPP and riding a motorcycle, then this mod is for you...
This mod only affects the values of the camera while in TPP mode and in motorcycle (there are separate values for a car)

There are 4 default options of TPP camera angles while in a motorcycle, the closest to character is 'LOW' and 'CLOSE' but to me it never seemed TOO
There isn't a mod that changes the position of the camera in relation to the character closer than default, figured out a way to do that. This mod gives 2 options to have the camera closer to character, cycle between these options pressing the 'Cycle Camera' key (default Q).


My version

Main reason why:
I mainly did this to see Vs ass closer.

DROP the folder in the Cyber Engine Tweaks plugin folder:
\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\

To personalize these values to your liking, My settings maybe be too close for some, you can edit these values below:
1) Open ''\ChangeMTPPCamera\init.lua', edit the values mentioned (you can use any text editor, I use Notepad++):

These are the values you need to change in the init.lua file:
-- Option1 - CLOSE - Switch between options using 'Q'.
local cboom = 1.8  -- Higher number means camera farther from character - default 3.5
local ccamera = .9 -- Higher number means camera higher from character - default 1.2

-- Option2 - FAR
local fboom = 2.5  -- Higher number means camera farther from character  - default 4.5
local fcamera = .9 -- Higher number means camera higher from character - default 1.2

--FOV and Speed Distance
local vfov = 75 -- Change FOV - default 69
local vspd = -0.1 -- Camera distance when going fast - Higher number means farther from camera - default 0.5

2) Save
3) Start the game

If you are already in the game (don't need to exit, just alt-tab)
4) Open up the console (using '~')
5) Click 'Reload All Mods'
6) You will see a confirmation saying 'New MTPP camera loaded'.
7) Reload any game.

My file will change all 4 camera types while in motorcycle, you can cycle between options pressing 'Cycle Camera' key (Default Q)

just delete the folder.

-Add other 3 camera options while in bike.
-Make it more user friendly.
-Make mod more fancy like the big mods