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Changes camera position (along with other variables) while riding any motorcycle and in TPP camera mode.

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UPDATE (10/01/2023):
Now that CP2.0 came out, seems that there were some changes to the camera settings from CDPR:
  • changing some names of existing values
  • new combat camera
  • a third camera option 'medium'
  • CDPR changed an existing feature that if you move your mouse to have a different angle to V, it will only reset to X angle (before it reset the X and Y angle), this renders one of my changes obsolete but its a welcomed change, giving you the chance to change the camera angle a bit.

I was expecting CDPR to make my mod obsolete by giving the option to change the camera options a bit but they only added a 3rd camera option, so I guess users can still use this mod.
With that in mind, I updated my mod to include these new camera options as well as adding some camera options that I think are useful:

  • Change the combat camera options (3 options while in combat)
  • Added a check that you can enable/disable the camera from getting closer to V as you go faster (want to figure out the values to make it go farther/closer)
  • Added a check that you can enable/disable the camera shaking from 'air distortion' as you go fast.
  • Added a check that you can enable/disable the camera from resetting after a few seconds.

You can use negative numbers on some settings, particularly on the Horizontal Position, giving it a negative numbers gets you closer to V.
You still have to get off/on the bike to see any changes :(

If you think that the camera is too far from V while in TPP and riding a motorcycle, then this mod is for you...
This mod only affects the values of the camera while in TPP mode and in motorcycle (there are separate values for a car)


My version

Main reason why:
I did this to see Vs ass closer.

DROP the folder where the exe is located:
\Cyberpunk 2077\

To personalize these values to your liking,
My settings maybe be too close for some, you can edit these values below:

1.- Open the console in game (default '~')
2.- Edit the below inputs to your liking.

2.1.- Your changes will save on each input edit.
2.2.- Hover over each input for more information on the setting (and to see default values as reference).
3.- After done with changes, close console and get on bike (or get off bike then on bike again, the change will ONLY happen AFTER you get on bike)

My file will change all  camera types while in motorcycle, you can cycle between options pressing 'Cycle Camera' key (Default Q)

just delete the folder.

-Add other 3 camera options while in bike.
-Make it more user friendly.
-Make mod more fancy like the big mods, find a way to organize the settings better, seems too cramped.
-See if there are other useful settings I can add.
-Find a way to update camera in real-time (no more having to exit/enter bike) but I STILL CAN'T find a way to do this.

jaderay - Letting me know that you don't need to reload game to see new values, just exit/reenter bike.
Tony0418 - Suggesting ideas, also letting me know of first bugs.
NexusGuy999 - For letting me use his config.lua file, also using his code as reference to figure out a way to edit/save values.
tmxfrozen, Faxis - Providing feedback to squish bugs.

-(RARELY) Vs head disappears when cycling between TPP and FPP, if this happens, load any saved game. This is not a bug related to my mod, its how the game is.
-Vs hair disappears, edit values to NOT have the camera TOO close. . This is not a bug related to my mod, its how the game is.