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Tired of crafting mods and deleting the ones which aren't purple? Or stripping white zero drags from boots? This upgrades all the low quality mods and scopes in your inv (but doesn't change their level)

Permissions and credits
Requires CET 1.9+ 

If you're running lots of mods through CET, you should absolutely consider the CET Mod Manager 

This will upgrade all basic clothing mods, weapon mods and scopes in your inventory to purples. v1.4 includes melee thanks to DragonLux

To run the mod, download the script, unzip it, and put it in the mods folder in CET. Start the game and you should see "Loaded UZ". To run it, paste this into the console

Dofile will no longer work.

If you want to break the game, you can edit the quality (e.g. make them all legendary). Look for these lines near the top
local defaultQual = 3.0-- 1.0 for green, 2.0 for blue, 3.0 for purple, 4.0 for orange.
local zeroQual = 1.0-- Zero Drag goes green
local scopeQual = 3.0-- Legendary scopes are apparently all kinds of borked so keep this at 1, 2 or 3.
-- Thanks to LuxDragon for spotting this.

This won't create new mods (you need to craft or find them) or change their level. It will just upgrade their quality (which improves their stats).

If you're looking at the mods when you run it, they won't visually update. Exit the inventory and go back to see changes.

Credits: Arsenic_Touch for the legendary mod and Yamashi for CET. DragonLux for some improvements