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About this mod

A user interface that provides gameplay, cheat and utility features to be executed by a press of a button. Also includes hotkey functionality.

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  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • French

Check the Videos tab for showcases of older versions of the mod. Below you'll find a list of all current features and above you'll see up to date screenshots.

Graphical User Interface

Config Tab

- control several aspects of the mod

Items Tab

- Refill Ammo: manual or automatic
- Add Money, Consumables and Materials
- Convert Drinks and Food
- Disassemble and Sell Items
- Upgrade equipped items and mods in your inventory to Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary
- Unequip all equipped items (armour, weapons and cyberware)
- Remove quest tags from equipped items so that they can be dismantled and sold

Player Tab

- Max out your Level, Street Cred and Attributes
- Reset all Attributes, Perks and Skills
- God Mode and Infinite Stamina
- Change Attributes
- Change Experience and Levels
- Alter Other Stats (temporary): Armor, Carry Capacity, Crit Chance and Damage, Health, etc.
- Add or remove perks

Misc Tab

- Unlock Achievements
- Kill NPCs
- Police System options
- Time Manipulation: Set Game Time, Freeze Time (time of day) and Slow Motion
- Quest Manipulation: End Quest, Untrack Active Quest and change quest and romance facts
- Teleport Features: Save current position and teleport back to saved location, Custom Teleport Locations
- Vehicle Features: Unlock Vehicles and Instant Vehicle Spawn

Hotkey Functions

Most hotkeys are automatically disabled while you're in one of the game's menus.

- Refill Ammo: manual or automatic
- Convert Drinks and Food (defaults to Water and Cat Food)
- Sell Consumables
- Sell Grenades
- Sell Junk
- Toggle God Mode
- Toggle Infinite Stamina
- Kills NPCs
- Police System
- Freeze Time (time of day)
- Slow Motion
- Untrack active quest
- Save current position and teleport back to saved location
- Teleport to V's Apartment
- Teleport to V's Mansion
- Teleport to Viktor's Clinic
- Toggle Vehicle Instant Spawn