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A user interface that provides cheat and utility features to be executed by a press of a button. Also includes some hotkey functionality.

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Check the Videos tab for showcases of older versions of the mod. Below you'll find a list of all current features and above you'll see up to date screenshots.

Graphical User Interface

Items Tab

- Add Money
- Add Armor Sets
- Add Consumables
- Add Other Items: Iconic Armor and Weapons, Attachments, Mods, etc.
- Change Item Quality to Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary
- Change Clothes/Cyberware/Weapon Mods and Scopes Quality to Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary
- Refill Ammo
- Remove quest tags from equipped items so that they can be dismantled and sold

Cyberware Tab

Add specific cyberware or unlock all
Add specific cyberware mods or unlock all
Add specific quickhacks or unlock all

Craft Tab

Add specific materials or add 9999 of each type
Unlock specific crafting recipes/specs or unlock all

Shop Tab

- Convert Drinks and Food
- Sell Alcohol, Drinks, Food, Grenades and/or Junk
- Disassemble Junk

Player Tab

- Change Levels: Player Level, Street Cred Level and Skill Level
- Add Experience: Player Experience, Street Cred Experience and Skill Experience
- Change Attributes
- Add Points: Attribute and Perk
- Alter Stats (temporary): Armor, Carry Capacity, Crit Chance and Damage, Health, etc.
- Max out your Level, Street Cred and Attributes
- Reset Attributes, Perks and Skills

Perks Tab

- Add specific perks
- Remove specific perks
- Reset all perks

Travel Tab

- Quick Teleport Locations
- Custom Locations: Generic, NPCs, Vendors, etc.
- Unlock Vehicles (either single ones or all of them)
- Vehicle Instant Spawn
- FreeFly and NoClip Mode (original mod)

Quest Tab

- End Quest
- Untrack active quest
- Change Romances (disable or enable Judy, Panam, Kerry and River)
- Change Quest Facts (Fingers, Jackie, Johnny, Other NPCs and Skippy)

Misc Tab

- Unlock Achievements
- Kill NPC
- Toggle Slow Motion
- Infinite Stamina
- God Mode

Hotkey Functions
open the hotkey.lua with a text editor to see which functions are bound to which keys

- Refill Ammo
- Toggle Infinite Stamina
- Toggle God Mode
- Toggle Vehicle Instant Spawn
- Teleport to V's Apartment
- Teleport to V's Mansion
- Teleport to Viktor's Clinic
- Untrack active quest
- Kills NPCs
- Toggle Slow Motion
- FreeFly and NoClip Mode (original mod)