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Upgrade spare Bounce Back and MaxDoc to next tier automatically.

Permissions and credits
REQUIRES Cyber Engine Tweaks

Will automatically upgrade Bounce Back and MaxDoc items to next tier once you have 75 of either - at a ratio of 7x --> 1x.

So, for example, once you reach 82 (75 + 7) Mk 1 Bounce Back, will convert 7 Mk1 to 1 Mk2 Bounce Back.

It's a single file, so you can either extract the archive to your Cyberpunk directory, or use Vortex. Both will work fine.
No affect on save games, so enable/disable as you please.

It won't convert while you are in combat, and will be paused during menus too (inventory, journal, etc).

Once you pick up any item, and immediately after combat, it will pause a little while (about 20 secs) before doing the conversion so that you can collect all the items in the local area. Predominantly, this is to stop spam in the CET console as it shows all the conversions in there.

Every time you pick up another item the timer will start again, but...

NB: money and ammo do NOT count as items as far as adding to inventory is concerned.

Advanced Options
You can turn off the pause, so it just converts on the fly. In order to do so, edit the init.lua so that:
useFullWait = true  -->  useFullWait = false

You can also change the number of items, before it starts converting them (default: 75) and the upgrade ratio (default: 7), by editing:
limitMk1 = 75
limitMk2 = 75

upgRatio = 7

It will log the conversions to the CET console, and send a notification there when the mod is active. These can be turned off in init.lua, by changing the following to false.
showActiveMsg = true
showConvertMsg = true

If you turn off the 'showConvertMsg' you might as well turn off the 'useFullWait' too, as there would be no real point to it.

Author Notes
This is very much a continuation of the concept from Dehuman's Auto Upgrading Crafting Components.

Anything that helps my addiction to gathering loot, keeps things relevant, but helps manage the pain of inventory management always feels like a good thing to me!

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