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Adds a new type of Operating System to the game which allows for the crafting and control of companion Drones, Androids, and Mechs.

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How It Works

There is a new type of Operating System called a TechDeck. Operating Systems are like the Cyberdeck, Berserk, etc.

Equipping a TechDeck allows the user to craft a set amount of Drones that will then follow the player around and fight with them until destroyed.

Crafting is done under the 'Drones' tab of the Crafting screen (previously called 'Cyberware Mods'), and recipes are required to craft the Drones, sold at Weapon Vendors.

There's 8 TechDecks at ripperdocs in Rare, Epic, and Legendary qualities. See TechDecks section for locations/info.

Rare TechDecks are available at Technical Ability 6, Epic at 12, and Legendary at 18.

The Drones are crafted with regular crafting components, as well as a new component called a Drone Module, which will appear at vendors, and also as loot on mechanical NPCs.

The Drone recipes are scattered around at Weapon vendors. See Drone Types section for locations/info.

In addition to the variety of TechDecks, each TechDeck will have up to 3 slots to place additional bonuses in, similar to Berserk or Sandevistan. See TechDeck Modules section for locations/info.

TechDecks have several TechHacks on them, which are visible when you scan your Drones. They are like quickhacks, except temporary bonuses/effects you can upload to your Drones. See TechHacks section for info.

Lastly, your Drones are more likely to attack targets you have tagged, as a way of directing them around.

Important Notes and Installation

To install, drag and drop the bin, r6, and archive folders into your Cyberpunk 2077 directory.

To uninstall, remove the Drone Companions folder or file from these 3 locations:
  • bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods
  • r6/scripts
  • archive/pc/mod

The Drones are crafted under the 'Drones' tab in the Crafting screen. Cyberware mods have been moved to the attachments and mods category.

You can only craft 1 Mech at a time, they cannot be healed with Repair, and they will slowly decay health over time.

If you don't like the Mech nerfs above, there's an option to make them permanent in the Native Settings UI menu, although they still can't be healed with Repair.

Drones will despawn when they are very far away from the player, but part or all of their cost will be refunded, depending on if it was due to a quest or not.

Rare TechDeck modules go into the first TechDeck slot, Epic into the second, and Legendary into the third.

If you're using System-Ex, TechDecks can be used with any of the other operating systems, including cyberdecks.

The drones can be crafted during combat when using Combat Crafting.

Incompatible with Restrict Crafting to Inside Apartments but should be compatible with most crafting or ui mods.

Slightly incompatible with Vendor and UI Improvements, the Drones tab will not show up. But, you can still buy and craft the recipes under the All Items tab.

Demo Video

Vehicle Combat

Androids are capable of entering/exiting vehicles with you, and they will equip their weapons to fight off enemies both on foot or in vehicles as well.

Flying Drones will hover around your vehicle as you drive, and they are also capable of attacking enemies.

This mod works very well with Vehicle Combat because of this.

Drone Types

Color indicates recipe rarity.

Flying Drones

Available at: Will be in your starting inventory, or sold at Watson Weapon Vendors if installing mid-playthrough
Very small, fires a laser at the target.
When low health, will sprint into target and blow itself up.

Available at: Watson Weapon Vendors.
Small, shoots smart bullets. 
Has a chance to disorient target on hit.

Available at: Watson Weapon Vendors.
Small, shoots bursts of power bullets.
Temporarily increases armor when struck.

Arasaka Octant
Available at: Eastern Badlands Weapon Vendors.
Large, shoots bursts of power bullets.
TechHacks last 50% longer on this Drone.

TechHacks increases this Drone's armor by 30%.

Militech Octant
Available at: Eastern Badlands Weapon Vendors.
Large, shoots bursts of power bullets.
Bullets explode on impact.
Restores 5% health over 3 seconds when struck.



Available at: Japantown and Santo Domingo Weapon Vendors.
Uses an Assault Rifle.

Available at: Japantown and Santo Domingo Weapon Vendors.
Uses a Melee weapon.

Available at: Japantown and Santo Domingo Weapon Vendors.
Uses a Shotgun.

Available at: Heywood Weapon Vendors.
Uses a Revolver and can throw the following grenades:
  • Flashbang 
  • Frag 
  • Biohazard 
  • Incendiary 
  • EMP 
  • GASH 

Available at: Heywood Weapon Vendors.
Uses a Sniper Rifle.

Available at: Pacifica Weapon Vendors.
Uses a Handgun, and has multiple Quickhacks:
  • Overheat
  • Synapse Burnout
  • Short Circuit
  • Contagion
  • Reboot Optics
  • Weapon Malfunction
  • Cripple Movement
  • System Reset (only works on other robots, and not Mechs)


Available at: Southern Badlands Weapon Vendors
Lower quality version of a regular Mech.
Cannot heal.

Available at: City Center Weapon Vendors.
TechHacks last 50% longer on this Mech.
Highlights all other Drones during combat, and makes them TechHackable through walls.
Cannot heal.

Available at: City Center Weapon Vendors.
Shoots explosive bullets.
Weakspots have 35% more health.

Cannot heal.


These are the base TechHacks that are unlocked with each rarity of TechDeck. A few more can be unlocked through TechDeck modules.

They have cooldowns and upload times.

TechDecks also have RAM, and these each have an associated RAM Cost.

  • Turn Off: Turns off the Drone permanently. Allows you to recover half the materials it took to craft.
  • Explode: Blows up the Drone.
  • Repair: Slowly heals the drone back up to full. Does not work on Mechs.

  • Optical Camo: Cloaks the Drone, making it invisible to enemies and harder to hit.

  • Overcharge: Speeds up the Drone's actions.


These are the Operating Systems that are installed just the same as any Cyberdeck, Berserk, or Sandevistan. 

Color indicates TechDeck rarity.

Meta TransporterMox Circuit DriverKang Tao Neural Simulator

Rare available at Cassius' Clinc      Rare available at Japantown Ripperdoc  
Epic available at Arroyo Ripperdoc  Epic available at Viktor's Clinic   Epic available at Pacifica Ripperdoc
Legendary available at Badlands Ripperdoc  Legendary available at Charter Hill Ripperdoc  Legendary available at Downtown Ripperdoc

Allows for the crafting of 2 Drones   Allows for the crafting of 2 Drones      Allows for the crafting of 2 Drones
Increases Drone armor by 20%                            Increases Drone health by 20%                  Increases Drone armor by 20%
Reduces TechHack cooldowns by 50%                 Explode no longer kills Drones                          Increases Drone accuracy by 30%
Increases Drone health by 20%                            Increases Drone accuracy by 30%      
Drones regenerate 1% health per second
Reduces TechHack cost 50%                 Drones heal 15% when killing an enemy.           Androids gain Sandevistan abilities
Allows for the crafting of an additional Drone        Allows for the crafting of an additional Drone    Allows for the crafting of an additional Drone
Overcharge applies to all Drones    Explode increases Drone damage by 10%.       Drones can use high-tech weaponry

TechDeck Modules

These are the items that go into your TechDeck's slots.

Color indicates module rarity.

Rare modules go into the first slot, Epic into the second, and Legendary into the third.

First slot Second SlotThird Slot

Optics EnhancerPlate EnergizerMass Distortion Module
Available at: Viktor's Clinic       Available at: Arroyo Ripperdoc      Available at: Pacifica Ripperdoc
Unlocks Optic Shock TechHack       Optical Camo heals Drones                Optical Camo applies to all Drones

Malfunction Coordinator   Extra-Sensory ProcessorCircuit Charger
Available at: Finger's Clinic      Available at: Rancho Coronado Ripperdoc  Available at: Wellsprings Ripperdoc
Increases Drone death explosion damage by 50%      Unlocks Kerenzikov TechHack                     Unlocks Emergency Weapons System TechHack

Critical Targetting Software             Insta-Repair Unit     CPU Overloader
Available at: Southern Kabuki Ripperdoc      Available at: Badlands Ripperdoc                 Available at: Downtown Ripperdoc
TechHacks increase Drone damage by 10%        Repair takes half as long to heal Drones.     Overcharge speeds up Drones 100% more


Zwei for making the icons, taking the pictures, and being a choombatta.

KeanuWheeze for various coding tips, the godly icon tutorial, MenuCronning:tm:, and Native Settings UI.

psiberx for making GameSession, Cron, GameUI, and generally being helpful/knowing everything.

Gorebean for letting Zwei use his character.

CET team for making CET.

jekky for making redscript.