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Simple script to add the usually missed Red and Black Nomad Shion "Coyote" to your list of cars.

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WARNING: This mod REQUIRES the Cyber Engine Tweaks mod in order to work.

Just a simple script file to add the red and black variant of the nomad Mizutani Shion "Coyote" to the player garage. This car is usually missed by most people due to ... certain decisions that most make during on of Panam's quests. AFAIK you should be able to use the file any time after Act 2 begins (didn't try it before that)

To use the file drag and drop it into you base Cyberpunk 2077 install directory (nowhere else) then type the following into the console text field exactly as written:


There doesn't seem to be any confirmation that it's been added to your garage list, but it should be available when you press and hold the vehicle spawn key. AFAIK it has identical specs to the "paid for" version except it has a way sexier colour scheme.

WARNING - This "could" technically break your game 'if' you make a certain decision during one of Panam's quests, I haven't tested it as I (and probably most others) would never make that particular decision.