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No more junk piling up in game version 2!

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This mod enables the "removed" Automatic Junk Scrapper in the game gen 2.

Additionally you can switch it on/off at any time in the mod CET window.

Just install it and you're done.

Don't know what the Automatic Junk Scrapper is?
It automatically disassembles low value junk loot items on pickup.
This not only stops junk piling up in your inventory but also adds crafting components and points for dissembling which in turn add to the progress pool which results in new levels, perks and skills points.
In other words: any junk you take builds you up :)
This is the first feature I enable in the game at the beginning of each playthrough to speed up character development.


This is the original game's junk scrapper that this mod enables. The one that has been serving so well since the game 1.5 version.
In the game v2.0, it's only the perk enabling the scrapper that is removed while the junk processing code is still there.
This mod allows you to switch the internal game scrapper on/off in the absence of the removed perk.

Please also note, that there are two, separate scrappers in the game v2:
  • junk scrapper, inactive by default, which this mod re-enables.
  • "broken" weapon scrapper, which is active by default.

Weapons dropped by defeated enemies fall into two categories that are handled differently by the game:
  • weapons that you can pick up and use that are added to your inventory (as in the previous game versions),
  • weapons that have a "broken" status which are not added to your inventory (new in the game v2).
    Instead the game automatically disassembles them on pickup and turns them into crafting recipes, components, and disassembly points which may be confused with the automatic junk scrapper activity.
As the two types of weapons are often mixed on a battlefield, it may create a false impression that the automatic junk scrapper disassembles weapons at random while in fact, this is the game's native "broken" weapons disassembly at work in this case as designed in the new game.

Compatibility Info:

Created and developed for game version 2.0+ and 2.1+
Designed to deactivate itself on game versions prior to 2.0.

Requires: Cyber Engine Tweaks
CET 1.29.0 is not supported due to numerous issues in this version.
CET 1.30.0 is not supported due to issues in this version.

Install or update:

automatic - use Vortex manager. Please note it may sometimes not work properly due to the Vortex  issues.
manual - drop extracted folders into your game folder. Allow to overwrite files if asked.


automatic - use Vortex manager if it was installed by Vortex.
manual - remove the folder: "...\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\automatic_junk_scrapper"


The mod would not exist without yamashi and the whole CET Team