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3 Characters! Act 1 start ready to meet Jackie!
Homelander - Uh, oh ..this cant be good for Night City..
Desmond - NCPD Detective who doubles up on the eddies by taking up solo jobs! (Black Male V)
Netta The Netrunner- she can hack with the best of them...just make sure you have your eddies right !(Black/Japanese Female V)

Permissions and credits
  1. Paste saved games zip file where all you or saved games are. You may have to change the Manual Save number to keep from overwriting a save with the same name though.

Homelander- He has a legendary OS with Overheat to mimic his eye beams. He regenerates pretty well but I did not give him super-strength because sometimes it isnt fun one shotting everybody...just use Cyber Tweaks Engine to set his stats how you want them. V for Vought??

Desmond - NCPD Detective..He has all the standard issue police gear in his apartment and he carries a pistol, stun baton, flashbang, and tear gas (chemical) grenades.  He is ok at hand-hand combat and he can also use rifles he just doesn't own any at the moment.

Netta -Up and coming gifted netrunner who has a personality a lot bigger than her size.. She uses a smart pistol and wears a legendary netrunner suit.